Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I've been a bad bad blogger and I should be punished! I broke my pledge already *hangs head in shame* I said that I would blog everyday even if it was only one word and yesterday I missed a day but in my defence I have been really busy, it's school holidays, it's my daughters birthday today and I spent most of yesterday baking and sometimes life just gets in the way of living and doing anything!

Today my sweet sweet daughter is 17 so in a moment of gushy muminess I just have to say I am so so proud of my beautiful daughter and all she has achieved and the wonderful adult that she is becoming.

I made her a cupcake tower with a giant cupcake on top, I have baked and baked and iced and frosted till I can't frost no more but it was worth the finished result was lovely

And she was really happy with it so that my dear friends is the most important thing!

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