Tuesday, 22 February 2011

And so it begins

I've thought about starting a blog for a long time but never quite made it to the actually starting one but here it is Ta dah! I hope someone, anyone is going to enjoy it(Do I sound desperate enough?).
The advice given is to choose a topic or a theme but that's the thing I don't really have one and believe me I have thought about it a lot! I want to write about food,relationships,kids, life in fact you name it I want to write about it, Hence the mad ramblings.

My initial thoughts were a parenting based blog after all I've been doing this parenting lark for a long time now but there seem to be so many parenting blogs out there and so many that offer tips and advice but I'm not one of those 'Look at Me I'm perfect full make-up on the morning school run, 3 course organic meal, show home'yummy mummies I'm more of a been up since 5, haven't worn make-up in a week or used a razor for that matter, haven't seen the hairbrush since Friday and now it's Monday and be grateful you're getting a hot home cooked meal kind of mum, so you see my dilemma.

That being said I love to cook when I can find the kitchen under the mess of childrens stuff and I hope to offer to some recipes that people will enjoy once I figure out this whole blogging thing and setting up the page and although I won't give out any parenting tips, if I inadvertently say something that helps or gives you an idea for your own family then that's great. But mostly it's going to be just what it says on the tin, The Mad Ramblings of well.....Me! I hope you enjoy them and my introduction x


  1. I really like your blog. I also read an article that told me that I needed to come up with a specific topic to write about. That's hard becasue my blog is just about whatever comes to my mind. Your right! There are an abundance of parenting blogs on the internet. I personally think that it's wrong because it's like the parents are exploiting their children for a popular blog.


  2. I started at today (March 18) and worked backward until now I am at Day One of your blog, and I have enjoyed each and every post. How you found time to add blogging into your busy schedule (or perhaps it is a non-schedule) is (a) beyond me and (b) quite admirable, I think.

    Don't fret that you don't have a cooking or parenting or happy homemaker blog. What's important is that your blog is REAL with a capital R-E-A-L and funny as well.

    Long may you wave.


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