Monday, 2 May 2011

Woo and dare I say Hoo!

Well its the end of week 6 of the challenge I set myself and up until now I had more than let myself down on the weight loss side of things, I can't  blame anyone but myself for this predicament, I love cooking and I love eating not a good combination when it comes to weight loss but if you read my update last week you will remember that I said I had been watching my very slim, eats what she likes daughter and I was going to try and eat like her.........Well the results are in , drum roll if you please.............I've lost 4 count them 4lbs!!!! and I have eaten whatever I like just slowly and smaller portions , I am happy, amazed and motivated oh and did I mention 4lb lighter!

Perhaps I should patent it but what would I call it? suggestions please?

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