Friday, 13 May 2011

Very Superstitious , the writings on the wall! Well the Blog actually

Little bit tongue in cheek here( what does that even mean? Where does it come from?)but today is Friday 13th and as yet not a sign of Jason but hey the night is still young and I'm not a teenager Or at Camp Crystal so I should be safe!

The thing is I am ever so slightly superstitious I do walk round thinking "ooh it's Friday 13th better not break any mirrors while I walk under a ladder to avoid crossing a black cats path" but other than that I think I kind of take it with a pinch of salt which I then throw over my left shoulder of course!

Then there's the seeing one magpie? I admit I do say the little rhyme and salute him or is it turn around 3 times but I don't do it if I'm with someone who doesn't already know I'm insane.

I don't put up umbrellas indoors but then again why would I need to? I'd be quite concerned if I got a sudden downpour in my living room!

Now I could do loads of research as to where all theses superstitions come from but I'd rather hear from you, what superstitions do you know? And which ones do you believe in?

Touch wood I'll hear from you soon!


  1. Walking down sidewalks as a child, I would look carefully and think, "Step on a crack, break your mother's back"...trying to avoid the cracks, of course.

  2. Ooh I forgot about that one! Hope you're having a wonderful Anniversary x


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