Monday, 12 December 2016


So I haven't written anything in quite some time. It's odd because, well frankly writing makes me happy.
So why haven't I? 
Good question 
Simple answer is life! 
Deeper answer is depression, what that takes from you, you see in order to function in every other aspect such as work, being a mum and keeping the house to a level where,  you know you can still find the cat and the floor some things have to give and I realised what has given are the things that bring me joy ( well thankfully apart from being a mum) ... the creative in whatever guise that is and my friendships. 
So step one ... back to blogging
Step two... nuturing friendships both old and new. 
Step three ... how do I go about all that? I guess I just try! Stop seeing time as an obstacle and start using said time more effectively. 
Wish me luck 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Indulgence or Supporting Imagination and creativity?

I want to pose a question to anyone that happens to read this post.

How far do you go to support your child's imagination?

My youngest is 7 and has always been very imaginative and creative. We have had our share of imaginary friends and worlds and I have always played along while also checking her grasp and concept of reality, you know just to make sure things aren't getting a but mixed up along the seams.

I have put dinner our for dolls, had conversations with them joined in the games and generally revelled in this wonderful little creative spirit that she is.

But she's 7 now and I see many of her peers at school not playing in the same way or perhaps not being indulged or supported by their parents in the same way and I wonder if the time has come to be not so indulgent of her imagination.

The reason that I'm putting this out there today is that today is her beloved cabbage patch dolls birthday ( they come with a birth certificate for anyone that doesn't know)and not only did we buy her a present, we've made her a cake! now perhaps my daughter just fancies a nice cake and has figured out that this is one way to get one but is this indulging her imagination too much?

should I be putting a stop to it? in a gentle way of course or will it just play its course and she will outgrow it? 

Some of her friends just seem so grown up compared to her but is that to do with society and different parenting styles? and why would I want her to grow up quickly? not that I want to keep her a baby but I don't want to hold her back either.

so thoughts please?

Where did last year go?

Last year feels like it went by in blur of work, life, children, grandchildren and everything else in between!

I say this because I realised that its been a while since not only have I written a post but it's been the same length of time since I read one and what I thought was probably about 8 months has turned out to be more like 18 months since my last post!

How did this happen? how did I get so caught up in things that this amount of time has passed without me realising?

I have often had thoughts (often late at night) cross my mind and I've thought I will write something about that but then morning and again life takes over and here we are 18 months down the line and this is the first thing I'm writing.

So no promises just attempts to share something, anything that I feel like I want to share with world or at least get out of my head.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

You're only given a little spark of madness you mustn't lose it!

I woke up this morning to the sad new that one of my life long idols had passed away having sadly lost his long fight with depression.

Robin Williams was quirky, eccentric, versatile and above all extremely funny!

I think what we all need to remember and get from this in that everyone has a story behind the picture, behind the fa├žade, everyone has struggles and depression is one of the hardest, at times its unexplainable,  it catches when you least expect, when to the outside world you should be happy, you should be okay.
But the reality is it can pull you down, sit there on your shoulder niggling away at your doubts and insecurities, your very sense of self until life itself is too much to bare.

So the next time you ask someone "How are you?" mean it! really let that person know that you want to hear what they have to say, you could make a difference and if you or someone you know needs some extra support ask for help, lets take away the stigma still attached to talking about mental health.

 Reality is just a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs. Robin Williams.

For now I think it a fitting tribute to just remember the Genius that was Robin Williams, for me my favourite movies were.. well lets face it they were all pretty good but It has to be, in no particular order, Hook, Moscow on the Hudson, Mrs Doubtfire, Mork and Mindy (nanoo nanoo), Good Morning Vietnam, His stand up performances particularly live at The Met (pure Genius) and of course Dead Poets Society! so I will leave you with this......

Monday, 7 July 2014

Its been a while hasn't it?

Ok I admit it I keep coming and going, I say I'm back then I go again and I have no excuse except LIFE! life has been bloody busy! but I've finally finished my studies and I'm only working 2 part time jobs now and obviously I still have the 6 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat and a husband and might I add two grandchildren on the way this year but technically I have more time!

So.... If I can think of anything to say and if anyone cares to read it I shall be trying my hand at entertaining and informing or just the usual mad ramblings!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dear Justin Bieber

I'm sure that there are blogs galore talking about Justin Bieber, his arrest, his behaviour etc. etc.

But it appears to me that no one has stopped to think that this is a teenage boy! he is not product or a commodity he is a teenage boy who needs love and care and some understanding!

Ok, he's making a lot of mistakes but what teenage boy doesn't, the problem here is he is a victim of his fame nothing he does goes unnoticed, he blows his nose and it makes the front page.

I think this boy needs a hug and someone to listen to him and he needs parenting! now I'm not blaming his parents by any means. I just think his dad has forgotten that he is in fact his father not his 'friend' and his mother perhaps feels that he is successful, financially independent and this makes him an adult and I know there are many 19 years olds that no longer need parenting just perhaps that parental advice every now and then but this young man has been living in an adult world for some years now and I think many have forgotten he is a child.

I'm sure Justin has enjoyed the freedom and the success and power attracts many different people but many for the wrong reasons and knowing who to surround yourself with, knowing who to trust and who has your best interests at heart is difficult for any of us but this young man has people throwing themselves at him on daily basis.

He is feeling depressed and he is being bullied yes bullied from complete strangers, those in the public eye, those that should know better and comment against bullying yet think because this young man is famous he is somehow impervious to the effects of bullying? I think not!

What he needs is to take himself back to his roots to his real friends who loved him before the fame and he needs some counselling, someone to talk to who will listen in a non judgemental way, giving him unconditional positive regard and empathy.

And above all he needs his parents and if they're not up to the job of parenting a 19 year old... well Justin you're welcome to come here, I'll be honest with you, I won't take your crap but I will take care of you!

And do you know the thing is until this recent arrest I hadn't really thought about him as a person he was just some singer my daughter liked but all this negative attention, all these things that wouldn't make the news if he wasn't famous, all the jokes about him and nasty negative comments 'the bullying' of him made me think if these comments, these jokes were being made about any other kid there would be public outcry!

So what makes him any different?

Thoughts please?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Wake up and smell the Coffee

I wish I could!

I have lost my sense of smell and the bizarre thing is I didn't notice for I don't know how long, My life was literally so busy that I hadn't realised that I could no longer smell!

I was at work, where I co facilitate a parenting programme and my colleague said to me "one of the parents is complaining about the smell of Mr ..... What shall we do about it?" and I thought ok, I was just standing next to him and I didn't smell anything bad.

So I thought about going up to and giving a good sniff but I though that might be a little weird and perhaps socially unacceptable so I tried to discretely smell him and nothing! Nada! not a thing! so I thought about it and realised that I hadn't been noticing the smell of my perfume or dinner when I forgot about it and it burnt!

For the next few days I went around sniffing everything and absolutely nothing not even a hint of a smell I went to see my GP and  well basically he doesn't have a clue so has referred me to an ENT and now just to add insult to injury I've lost my sense of taste.

Ok there are many smells and tastes that I don't mind losing but there are so many that I miss!

So what I'm really doing here is asking if anyone has a clue about what might be happening to me?

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Note to self and others

Write entertaining, thoughtful, witty blogpost

Please insert ideas here .................................

Well go then, I'm asking you! yes you!