Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Well I did ask!

I put out a little plea for inspiration and I got it from a fellow blogger and someone who's mind is amazing Mr. Robert Brague Over at I strongly suggest you head over there, you will not be disappointed but do so after you've read my blog of course!

He mentioned That when at a loss for inspiration he often thinks of The effects of gamma rays on man-in-the-moon marigolds, now I'm pretty sure he wasn't thinking what would happen if actual gamma rays were directed at said marigolds perhaps an incredible hulk scenario although what a marigold would do when it's angry is anyone's guess! No I think he was referring to the Paul Zindel Play although I could be wrong! The title of the play although seeming somewhat obscure is actually a science project that one of the daughters is doing at school but I think it's also meant to serve as a metaphor for the way life affects us differently although that being said Its been a long time and I think I perhaps need to reacquaint myself with the play! ( I think they made it in to a film too, off to google I go )Robert if you're reading this please remind me! Unless of course you were thinking about the incredible hulk scenario!

So now my inspiration has been fuelled I will start on my next post!


  1. I read Robert's posts daily. But your description of this one (yet to read) makes it sound like the weirdest yet!

  2. It was actually in respone to a comment he had left on one of my posts so I thought 'just go with it!'

  3. Hi, Emma...yes, the play, which Paul Zindel wrote in 1964, was made into a film in 1972. It starred Joanne Woodward and was directed by her husband, Paul Newman (he of the piercing blue eyes). Their daughter was also in the movie. The play was first produced in Houston (so I have read) and the Broadway version starred Sada Thompson and ran for 819 performances in 1970 and 1971, winning the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

    Here is a summary of the plot.

    My little suggestion worked! You wrote another post!


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