Friday, 30 March 2012

Mind the gap!

So while dancing around my kitchen with my daughters singing at the top of our lungs it dawned on me that apart from the fact that we probably looked and sounded insane that age isn't what it used to be, ok that sounds weird but I'm not quite sure how else to explain it, what I mean is that the age barriers aren't quite as far apart as they used to be and no I'm not talking about young mums, I'm talking about our mental and physical attributes!

I'm 40 but I love many of the same things as my teenage daughters, I'm talking music, tv programmes, books and to some extent clothes but when I was a teenager I remember those lines like "what are you listening to? That's not music!" "what are you wearing?" and a million and one others of a similar vain and I too looked at my mother and thought there must be some special shop that you only hear about once you've turned forty where all old people go and buy these awful unflattering clothes that are the apparent uniform of the middle aged onwards! But not anymore to some extent fashion is ageless it's more about taste and what we like regardless of our age.

But me I have to practically padlock my wardrobe to keep my daughters away from my clothes, shoes and makeup! Seriously I've thought about dressing like my mother just to keep them away from my stuff!

Times they are a changing!

But why is that? ........ No seriously I'm asking why? Because I can't quite come up with a reason.

Is it because we're living longer?

Or because more people stay at home longer?

Is it because for most of us of my age group we haven't had the same struggles as our parents or their parents?

Whatever the reason I enjoy this closing of the age gap, it means we have more things in common and gives us a closer bond.

Hummm! I wonder if thats why more and more women have toy boys?

Thoughts please?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring Forward!

Today has been a beautiful,sunny and warm day in London, seriously it's been the kind of day that makes you smile!

The blossoms are out on all my trees and it's truly beautiful!

But tonight the clocks go forward, the start of British summertime and one hours less sleep for me!

Ok I know there are advantages to the clocks going forward but seriously losing a hours sleep or waking up what is essentially an hour later, really puts a big dent in my day! I don't have enough hours in the day as it is so to feel like I'm losing one does not make me a happy bunny!

But it's supposed to be nice again tomorrow so maybe I will smile, be happy, do some gardening and enjoy my day!

How do you feel about the clocks changing?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Race for Life

This year on June 10th I will be doing The Race for Life, a 5k run for cancer research.

I've taken part once before and now it's time to do it again!

Let's face it there can't be many of us who's lifes haven't been touched by cancer so anything that any of us can do to help towards the research of finding a cure can only be a good thing right?

And really every penny counts

Did you know that

Cancer Research UK is leading the world in finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Every two minutes someone in the UK is told they have cancer. They are entirely funded by the public and need your support to help to continue their groundbreaking work and help more people survive.

How your money can help

Did you know that 80p in every pound raised goes directly towards their work to beat cancer?

Here are some examples of how your contribution – big or small – can help:

£10 could buy 300 glass slides for studying cells and tumour samples in detail under the microscope.

£30 could buy around 250 plastic Petri dishes. They're an essential resource for thousands of scientists who are working hard to understand cancer.

£54 could buy 22 thermometers (range -10°C to 110°C) – indispensable for many experiments that need to be performed at very precise temperatures.

£94 could cover the cost for one woman to take part in a clinical trial aiming to improve survival for post-menopausal women with early-stage breast cancer.

£123 could fund one cancer information nurse for a day. Our experienced cancer information nurses provide a confidential service for anyone with concerns about cancer.

£260 could buy a sophisticated microarray, a powerful piece of technology, helping scientists to scrutinise thousands of genes in a single experiment, and identify which are switched on in cancer.

£677 could cover the cost of one person taking part in a clinical trial testing chemotherapy before and after surgery, and the antibody drug Vectibix, to improve survival for bowel cancer patients.

£1,000 could cover around 22 day's running expenses for an important lab project into a type of children's cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. The study aims to identify molecules that are involved in driving tumour growth, and this could lead to improved treatments so that more children survive the disease in the future.

So see that cute little button on the right of my page, give a press and help me to help others seriously any donation no matter how small helps, so go on do it, press that button you know you want to!

And wish me luck because let's just say I'm not at my peak of physical fitness so the training starts now!

* all information was taken from cancer research uk's website

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Very Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to all the Mums out there and all the women that are like a mother to someone! I hope you have had a wonderful Day!

I know I have!

I don't like to brag! Well ok I do! But I have had an absolutely amazing Mothers Day.

I had a mothers day song, breakfast in bed, flowers, teddies, cupcakes, mugs, a massage, a new hairstyle and numerous other goodies, I have been thoroughly spoiled today and I loved every minute of it!

How did you spend your mothers day?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lost and Found

I know Its been a while and I have no excuse except life!

Life is hectic at the moment I seem to be on the go constantly with each day blurring into the next!

And one thing I could really do without on a daily basis is that line "Muuuummm have you seen my( insert any word of your choice here, chances are my kids have lost it!)" unless it's waving a flag shouting "wooHoo, Here I am look at me!" they will not find it!

In my house I apparently am the only person who can find or see things seriously I could dance around naked with whatever item it was between my teeth doing a fandango while balancing a parrot on my head and they still wouldn't see what they were looking for! In fact the only thing they would probably notice is that I wasn't looking for said item!

And then the really annoying thing is it's usually in plain view, I walk in wherever it is that they are having their mad panic and I see it straight away!

Though there are those times that I can't find it( usually means they've left somewhere other than the place they think they have or it's under their bed, trust me no one wants to go there!) and I too do lose things but that usually because I'm running round like a headless chicken trying to sort out something for one of them!

So am I alone in this or is anyone else out there blessed with the ability to see things invisible to teenagers eyes?