Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dear Justin Bieber

I'm sure that there are blogs galore talking about Justin Bieber, his arrest, his behaviour etc. etc.

But it appears to me that no one has stopped to think that this is a teenage boy! he is not product or a commodity he is a teenage boy who needs love and care and some understanding!

Ok, he's making a lot of mistakes but what teenage boy doesn't, the problem here is he is a victim of his fame nothing he does goes unnoticed, he blows his nose and it makes the front page.

I think this boy needs a hug and someone to listen to him and he needs parenting! now I'm not blaming his parents by any means. I just think his dad has forgotten that he is in fact his father not his 'friend' and his mother perhaps feels that he is successful, financially independent and this makes him an adult and I know there are many 19 years olds that no longer need parenting just perhaps that parental advice every now and then but this young man has been living in an adult world for some years now and I think many have forgotten he is a child.

I'm sure Justin has enjoyed the freedom and the success and power attracts many different people but many for the wrong reasons and knowing who to surround yourself with, knowing who to trust and who has your best interests at heart is difficult for any of us but this young man has people throwing themselves at him on daily basis.

He is feeling depressed and he is being bullied yes bullied from complete strangers, those in the public eye, those that should know better and comment against bullying yet think because this young man is famous he is somehow impervious to the effects of bullying? I think not!

What he needs is to take himself back to his roots to his real friends who loved him before the fame and he needs some counselling, someone to talk to who will listen in a non judgemental way, giving him unconditional positive regard and empathy.

And above all he needs his parents and if they're not up to the job of parenting a 19 year old... well Justin you're welcome to come here, I'll be honest with you, I won't take your crap but I will take care of you!

And do you know the thing is until this recent arrest I hadn't really thought about him as a person he was just some singer my daughter liked but all this negative attention, all these things that wouldn't make the news if he wasn't famous, all the jokes about him and nasty negative comments 'the bullying' of him made me think if these comments, these jokes were being made about any other kid there would be public outcry!

So what makes him any different?

Thoughts please?


  1. You are absolutely correct, I never stopped to think that Justin Bieber is a teenage boy. I thought he was a woman of 50, or perhaps someone's grandfather. A child? Hardly. In the old days, proper parenting would have included taking a wide leather belt to his nether regions, but I suppose it is too late for that now. Once the female portion of the prepubescent crowd have dubbed you as the dreamiest, most desirable prom date a teeny-bopper could possibly have, all is lost. I just hope he doesn't start twerking like Miley Cyrus.

    I'm just jerking your chain. You have a valid point.

    1. Dearest Robert, let me first express my shock and pleasure at your knowledge of twerking! though I do now have a mental picture of you twerking Miley Cyrus style! You know I just kept seeing all these quite horrible comments about another human being and thought ok, this kid is making a lot of mistakes as are his parents when it comes to guiding him! but how would I feel if my child was being subjected to what in essence is Cyber bullying. We live in a sometimes sad and strange world when the exploits of a misguided 19 year old makes front page news above all else that is going on in the world.

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