Monday, 9 May 2011

up and down like a Yo-Yo!

Its end of week 7 on my 3 F's challenge and after last weeks tremendous result I had High hopes for this week , pah (thats a sound of disgust by the way just in case you didn't know) well this week in true monumental style as only I can do, I have put it all back on! I mean who does that, me thats who, I really am good at this aren't I , hope you note the sarcasm!

It's all really making me question myself and my motivation, I had it in my head that I wanted to be this fit,(in both sense of the word) and fabulous creature by time I reached my 40th birthday in August and by the look of it thats not going to happen well at least when it comes to the weight issue.

So I guess I have to ask myself is the weight loss about my health or is some kind of weird midlife crisis to do with turning 40, I must admit it does course a mild outbreak of panic and palpitations at the the prospect of turning 40 , oh god I'm going to be 40, how did that happen? where did the time go? where's the paper bag so I can breathe slowly into it!

I think that hence forth I should concentrate on dealing with my issues (how american of me) and being happy and healthy and maybe just maybe when I'm not quite so obsessed with my weight it might just naturally drop at least a bit!

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