Thursday, 28 July 2011

What a day!

I spent hours at the hospital today, I mean hours! Or should I say we spent hours, we were at the hospital because my daughter has had a migraine for 3 months! I kid you not my poor daughter has been in pain every day and after a barrage of tests and trials and errors with various medication she is still in pain and even after our very long wait at the hospital all they can say is they are pretty sure it's migraine and if none of the medication works she may just have to learn to live with it!

She's 14 it's affecting her schooling, her life and the best they can offer is try these and if they don't work she'll have to find ways of dealing with it and even after all my questions all my protests that there must be more they can do that's all we walked away with!

So if anyone has any and I mean any ideas I really would love to hear we really are desperate!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Forty! The Big 4 0!

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat , no, not the menopause, though...... who knows, it could be after all in a month I'm going to be 40!

I know I've been going on about it a lot but seriously it's bugging me in a big big oh my god how did I get this old kind of a way!

You see 40 is that age where you're supposed to have your shit together you're supposed to be well on your career path, your life should really be the life you want but hell I don't even know what I want to be when I grow up!

I've done the conventional stuff I've got married 'er hmm twice!' I've had my children, I've been a responsible adult , school governor, grown up person type etc on the outside but on the inside I'm still trying to decide if I want to be a ballerina or an astronaut!

Does anyone else no what I mean? please tell me someone else does otherwise it may just confirm that I am actually insane!

The thing is by now I was supposed to be a best selling author ok I know actually writing a book might help toward this goal but still

I know they say its never too late but where do you start if you're not completely content with your lot?

Or is this just a midlife crisis talking?

Don't get me wrong I rather like my life , I love my kids but I can't help wondering "is there more?" well "IS THERE?" Seriously I'm asking?

Then there's the question of how to celebrate this birthday, I told everyone I didn't want a big fuss but of course I actually meant can you make a great big giant fuss I'm 40 after all!

So now I'm torn and not quite sure how to mark the occasion so suggestions on a post card please

Or you could just leave me a comment

How did you? or How will you celebrate your big 4 0

Apparently digging a hole, lying in it ,holding flowers saying "that's it now" isn't an option!

so I need your suggestions!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Zaggora Hotpants

So never one to pass up a freebie or chance to try anything to lose weight and tone up, a while a go I applied to be an ambassador for Zaggora Hotpants.

And my Hotpants turned up!

They would like all their 'ambassadors' to try them for 2 weeks, see the results and basically report back to the world on their effectiveness, so that's just what I did!

I would post a picture of myself in them but lets be honest no one really wants that, now do they?

The Hotpants are designed to help you achieve more with less, maximising your workout and attacking those areas that we all want to look better! It says that they are Super comfortable, you can wear them indoors, outdoors, in bed at night or during the day, on their own or under your gear.

Specially designed with Celu‐Lite™ technology, they work to reduce body fat and the visible appearance of cellulite by using your natural body heat to warm your muscles by increasing your perspiration with the effect of potentially reducing 2 jean sizes in 2 weeks. 

So when they turned up I thought is this the miracle I've been looking for?

They look sleek ,comfortable and practical and kind of reminded me of a wetsuit you know that neoprene type fabric.

My exercise of choice is Zumba, yoga and running so I though I'd go straight to it with some Zumba!

But first I had to get in to them! It was a little tricky to get the zip up but once on they fitted perfectly, were comfortable and offered ease of movement.

In fact the only downside to them is the noise they make when you're moving! My bottom half sounded like my Zumba sticks! I sounded like human maracas! but that being said I did feel like I got a better work out and they certainly made me sweat!

The science behind the pants is all on their website, its very interesting but lets face all you want to know is "did they work?"

Well yes they did! I have dropped a jean size! which is great but the noise that the pants make is a bit embarrassing to wear them to a class so I shall only be wearing them at home but I am going to keep on trying with them and if you'd like to try them too just use the offer code below to get 10% off!

Monday, 25 July 2011

100 not out

This , this right here right now is my 100th post!

I feel it should be something monumental!

Something that will get you thinking, stand the tests of time be the post that kicks all other posts ass!

But at the moment my one and only post about Hot Guys and crushes is still kicking all my other posts asses! so what to do?

Since I started my blog I have covered many issues , life, parenting, body image, knife crime, recipes and reviews to name but a few and what does everyone look at..........Hot Guys and Girls but mainly guys!

So in honour of that post and to celebrate my 100th post I give you ...........

Justin Chambers

Ian Somerhalder
And of course........
Jesse Williams

Not to mention........
Eric Dane

And last but by no means least ......

Justin Timberlake

Honestly the lengths I go to for you! The hard, hard work I had to do looking at all these hot guys!

And yet I still only have 7 followers! what is wrong with you people?

Friday, 22 July 2011

How old is too old?

I brave this question because tonight I'm going to a gig with one of my daughters not as an adult accompanying a minor kind of way, although that's what everyone things! No! I not so secretly love Wretch 32, the daughter who I'm going with didn't even know who he was but wanted to see the other 2 artists on the bill!

But it made me think technically this is young music for young people, right? But I think music is subjective, it's about what you like, what moves your soul, what makes you want to get up and dance or sing along.

I love music! My taste is eclectic, there is no particular type I know what I like and I like it! That simple!

I have favourites of course but they don't fit one particular style of music , I love Jason Mraz (ok, I admit he is my absolute favourite) , Billie Holiday, The Foo Fighters, Green Day, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Debussey and they are top of my playlist but I love so much more ,I love Drum and Bass, I love Garage  and I've seen Usher, Adele and Glee live this year, see Eclectic! Or insane!

But back to my dilemma how old is too old to go to the gigs? And what does one wear? Do I try to fit in and potentially end up looking like mutton dressed up as lamb? Or just wear whatever takes my mood? Oh the dilemma!

So what are your favourites? Do you think music is age specific? And more importantly how old is too old?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Toddler taming..... Really

I have a toddler and anyone who has a toddler knows that they go through a stage commonly known as the Terrible Two's!!!!!!!!

And my toddler is trying to break the record for being the most terrible of two year olds! I think that there may be a secret organisation of 2 year olds and she is competing to be the Don! If this is the case trust me she is going to win!

She goes from cute and adorable to Tasmanian devil in a matter of seconds! No surface left uncluttered or covered in paint, food and god, I hope that's chocolate!

I'm not an inexperienced mother she is the youngest of 6 but she has found new and exciting ways to test my patience and make sure that underneath my bright red hair my real hair is actually grey!

And so now to the reason I wrote this post I decided to do a little search on the Internet for some tips on dealing with a particularly high maintenance 2 year old and I came across a book called Toddler Taming! Seriously all I can think of is standing there with an upturned chair in one hand whip in the other shouting back back! I know some toddlers are bad but really!

Anyway of course I ordered the book!

Though seriously I've always thought that toddlers behave this way because they're learning, they're learning about the world around them, learning about boundaries and it's our job to lead by example and show them how to behave.

But all that being said it never hurts to have some tips on dealing with those tantrums or how to get the green felt-tip out of everything! So what are your tips with dealing with toddlers?

I'd love to hear

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

An ode to Boobs!

I was lay there on the floor today, colouring with my daughter when I happened to look down and caught sight of something that was enough to make me scream in horror!

What  am I talking about? ........My Boobs! what used to be one of my favourite features, My glorious 36E boobs have somehow turned into saggy, crepey, scary, wrinkled old woman boobs!

When , when did this happen ? why didn't I notice?

My first thought was quick get me the number of a good plastic surgeon its time to get these puppies filled out and lifted then I looked at my gorgeous little girl and realised that theses were the boobs that fed her, that helped her grow, the same boobs that I have fed all seven of my children with, the same boobs that a few years ago when I found a small lump I was absolutely terrified I might lose so what am I doing even thinking about changing them or even enhancing them they are part of me they tell my story, well almost

Stop picturing talking boobs immediately and focus!!

Boobs , breasts, tits, fun bags, the twins, the girls, basoomas, bosoms call them what you will, all us women have them, they come in many sizes and shapes some of us love our boobs some hate them but they are ours!

The cosmetic surgery industries bread and butter is boobs, with most wanting them bigger or higher! personally although I've never had to worry about being small chested I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to walk around with 2 huge watermelons on my chest or being able to rest my chin on them! really is that attractive?

Can I just say to everyone who thinks its brilliant to have big boobs it took me a while to realise that they weren't my enemy, let me tell you! I developed early and actually had to wear a bra in my last year of primary school can you imagine the horror and the teasing! my life was unbearable, so I covered them up, I hid my assets until I realised that's what they could be!

 They're part of our package if you will, they're what helps entice our future partners in and they nurture our young so we should love them, embrace them, check them regularly and care for them

So although I am sad and disappointed that my milkshake may not bring all the boys to the yard! I am grateful that I still have them, I am happy that stood upright and wearing a good bra they still look pretty darn impressive and I shall stop lamenting the loss of my once pert full breasts and make sure that I'm never in a position that anyone will see them from the same angle that I saw them!

Although, if someone has come up with something brilliant and non evasive to help them be restored to their former glory I am more than willing to give it a try!

An Ode to Boobs by Pip Bishop

Dear boobs,
This heartfelt apology goes out to you all
For moaning you’re too big or moaning you’re too small
For wishing you didn’t hang like puppies in sacks
Or just disappear when we lie on our backs
For squashing you flat with a minimising cup
or those torture bras that push you right up.
Why is it always your bad points we mention
Like your inverted nips or your water retention?
Why don’t we love you as much as our men
Or the babies that love you all over again?
Maybe we’re scared to show you we care
In case... one day... you’re simply not there.

Boobs everywhere I salute you!

And then my mind went blank!

You would think with all that is going on in the world at the moment I would be able to come up with a thought provoking yet witty blog post

But can I ? can I heck as like! I am drawing a complete blank, not in the physical sense I don't even know how I would portray a blank something like this perhaps?

Get it? Blank Paper, pathetic I know!

I'm talking about  in coming up with something to write about kind of way !

Everyone and their Dog(I love that expression the paintings of C.M Coolidge always come to mind when I say it! I did mention I have a weird mind didn't I?) is writing about the phone hacking scandal and Rupert Murdoch, so I just didn't want to go there, too obvious for me.

So I'm right back to where I was a few days ago or was it longer? where there are so many topics that I want to write about that I can't seem to give my full attention to any of them!

So I have come up with a plan not a very exciting plan but a plan all the same I am going to go through all my started Blog Posts and guess what..Finish them!

It may mean that you get some pretty random stuff but i think it will help clear my mind and move on and perhaps just maybe even write something worth reading!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A weighty issue

Many moons ago I told you all (sounds like I have hundreds of readers! that would be nice by the way!) how I wanted to be fit and fabulous by time I'm forty! I called it my 3 F's challenge got myself all psyched up started wearing actual clothes other than jeans and a tee, brushed my hair at least once a day, when I can find the hair brush of course! I even wear make-up now and have bought myself new clothes but one thing that has been my nemesis is weight! Who am I kidding it's homemade cakes, bread and red wine that have been my nemesis or rather my lack of will power to stop eating them! I even joined WeightWatchers with the theory that if I was accountable to someone else I would be good and lose weight but the only pounds I've lost are the 20 quid a month that it costs me to weigh myself in front of people and be told I weigh the same! Ok not strictly true I've actually lost 7lb but that's in 9 weeks! that's how little willpower I have! And the amazing thing is I've doubled the amount of exercise I do in an attempt to get fit, I walk ALOT now , I Zumba I even attempted the gym yet my weight loss is pathetic which leads me to believe that I'm actually eating more than I was before or my own body is trying to sabotage me!

Couldn't be my fault after all!

Even illness didn't aid my weight loss I had the chest infection from hell, I'm still coughing but still managed to shovel enough food in to stop me losing any weight!

I've been off the wine for a week now because of the antibiotics but even that hasn't helped.

It just doesn't make sense!

So with the realisation that I turn 40 in just over a month I am going to step up my game make sure I note everything that I'm eating, food eaten while walking does count apparently as does food pinched off the kids plates! I know right who'd have thought it!

So I want to be accountable to all of you who read this, ask me how I'm doing, keep me in check remind me that just because wine is made from grapes it's not one of my 5 a day! And ask me in a weeks time if I've lost any weight!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's been a while, I've missed you!

As you may or may not know it's been a little while since I did a real blog post this has been down to having the chest infection from hell and my own special brand of crazy!

Now I'm not talking sitting on the front lawn throwing poo at the neighbours that would the real men in White coats bringing me a special jacket to wear crazy! No, this is more the way my brain works and how I convince myself something is logical kind of crazy!

The few days before this chest infection really hit me I started five yes five different blogposts while I've been I'll I've attempted to start around another 5 but they were mostly a medication induced incoherent mess, nothing unusual there I hear you say

So anyway I kept started theses posts some of which were about Going to see Adele and being made to wait outside for 2 hours decided to put that little rant on hold and started one on the appalling start of public transport this then got sidetracked by a review of zaggora Hotpants which I received( thanks by the way Zaggora, I will start that review!) this made me think about my 3 F's challenge so I started a post on my failure weight loss wise then my cat went into labour and decided to eschew her nice warm safe place that I had ready for her and promptly gave birth in the middle of the kitchen floor which gave way to screaming from the men in my house who were in blind panic which started me on a post about men's inability to cope with something as natural as birth this also started me on a post about my 23 year old son moving back home after a breakdown of his relationship, funny expression that 'breakdown of relationship' conjures up images of AA type breakdown services turning up to repair your relationship and get you back on the road! Well in my head it does, see crazy! Then I felt ill, really ill which started me on a post about going to the doctors, which I never do or should I now say never normally do.

And now here is my special brand of crazy I convinced myself that because I kept starting posts and not finishing them that it made more sense to wait until I could decide which one to commit to and therefore I ending up with nothing,nada,zilch makes so much sense doesn't it? ......NOT!

And now that I've read all this back to my self I can't help wondering if I have ADD! Maybe I should start a post about it!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ghost the musical

'Relive one of Hollywood’s most romantic yet tragic love stories live on stage with Ghost the Musical. Adapted from the 1990 Oscar Award winning film starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, Ghost the Musical breathes new life into this classic story of love and loss.
The story follows Sam and Molly, who on their way back to their apartment one night are confronted by a mugger who leaves Sam wounded and dying in the street. Unable to leave Molly behind and let her go, Sam is trapped as a ghost between this world and the next and when he discovers that Molly is in grave danger he must do everything he can to find a way to communicate with her.
Enter Oda Mae Brown, a storefront psychic who claims to be able to hear the dead, but never has done. That is until Sam arrives looking for help and for the first time in her life she can hear the dead. Sam must convince Oda Mae Brown to listen to him and try and get her to talk to Molly and warn her of the danger she is in before it is too late.’
Many thanks

That was the press release I was sent to along with my tickets, but I can't think of many people that won't know the story of Ghost and I can't think of many people, especially people in my age group that didn't love the movie but would it translate well to a Musical that was my big question, I couldn't quite figure out how they would produce the necessary affects let alone put the script to song!

So last night I headed out to the Piccadilly Theatre to see!

This production features music and lyrics by Dave Stewart(Eurythmics) and Glen Ballard and it wouldn't be 'Ghost' if id didn't contain Unchained Melody!

The show is directed my Matthew Warchus, has set and costume design by Rob Howell, illusions are by Paul Kieve and Musical Supervisor and Arranger is Christopher Nightingale.

Lead roles in the London cast are Richard Fleeshman in the rile of Sam Wheat, Caissie Levy in the role Molly Jensen, Sharon D. Clarke in the role of Oda Mae Brown and Andrew Langtree in the role of Carl Bruner.

Well as I said at the start I wasn't sure how this would translate to music and I really didn't know what to expect but let me start by saying that the set, the visual affects and illusions are outstanding! I mean really outstanding, The use of computer imagery combined with traditional set is inspired, the illusions leave you wondering how? the changes seamless I really cannot rate the set highly enough, however unfortunately I felt that the show itself was lacking somewhat I can't quite put my finger on why though, The story didn't stray that far from the original, The cast can sing and I mean really sing! all had beautiful strong voices that were a pleasure to listen to unfortunately I didn't find the songs themselves that strong I didn't walk away from the theatre with the ability to sing one let alone hum the tune , lyrically I found some of them quite weak and the subway scene the poorest of all, the rap was just 'wrong' of course this is just my opinion and others may love it.

The iconic pottery wheel scene I feel was under played but the acting was good in fact all the actors did an incredible job.

The choreography was good I could see what the choreographer was trying to achieve some of the dancers however didn't seem at ease with the steps.

The real joy of the show for me was Sharon  D Clarke her performance of Oda Mae was Outstanding! and the voices of the cast rarely have I heard such strong voices, truly enjoyable

The final scenes and affects were spectacular.

All in all it was a good show with a full house and it received a standing ovation for me personally I'm glad I went, I did enjoy it but ticket prices what they are for this show if I had paid to see it I would have been a little disappointed.

If I had to rate this musical out of 5, I would give it a 4 but I have to say that is mainly for the visual affects and illusions and the singing.

But what I can say is I now want to watch Ghost the movie, ah, the late great Patrick Swayze *quietly hums unchained melody*

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Age is just a number!

Hah! and once again Hah!

You're as old as you feel, Age is just a number but its very dependant on what that number is!

For example when you're small you celebrate every little increment in age you ask a small child how old they are and they will happily tell you how old they are down to the last minute, anything to get closer to that next birthday ask a 49 year old and they will tell you just 49 right up until the day before they turn 50! Me if you ask me how old I am I will tell you the truth but quite often I will be 21 with 18 years experience!

We celebrate our age milestones, becoming a teenager, sweet 16's, turning 18 then 21 then we start working up in decades and they can become anxious and far less enjoyable and far more difficult to deal with!

I'm 40 this year and I don't quite know how I feel about it, inside I still have the same feelings and insecurities I had as a 16 year old though outwardly to the world is a very different story!

Now the thing about turning 40 (brings a lump to my throat every time I say it accompanied by a panic of how did I get this old without noticing) for me is combination of wanting to celebrate , wanting to be made to feel special and enjoy this milestone mixed with oh god where did the time go , 40 is soooo old! How could I have got to this age without accomplishing anything but motherhood! Oh woe is me my life is over it's all down hill from here!

So today I'm asking you all how you feel about ageing? What do you think are the big milestones? What's the best age? And the biggest and most important question of them all, Does life begin at 40?

So please everyone let me know

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Is it inappropriate?

I have a question that I need to put out there to the blogging world, How many Bloggers with children of an age that read your blog still talk candidly about sex and the such like?

More accurately your own sex Life? My god I can just see my children's expressions now, they freak out if we dare to kiss in public! "Eurgh, no PDA's, no PDA's we're going to go blind!" that's the usual response from my children so can you imagine the response if I dared to mention my sex life!

I may scar them for life!

Probably too late for the big teenagers, I'm sure I've already damaged them!

But this is my blog written for me and about me, should I be censoring what I write in fear or consideration of who might be reading it?

So I'm asking everyone who reads this to tell me , how far is too far? Go on don't be shy, I really need your opinions

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Big Feastival and a lovely weekend

I have had a lovely busy weekend, filled with enjoyable things rather than the usual catch up on laundry, cleaning and kids stuff and I realised that the world does not actually fall apart if I'm not here doing everything!

My weekend started on Friday Afternoon with The Big Feastival!

The Big Feastival is hosted and organised my the wonderful Mr Jamie Oliver and according to its website The Big Feastival is the first of its kind: a summer festival combining top-class food with the world’s best live music and the best and most amazing thing is 'all' yes I did say all the profits go to charity!

The charities supported by this event are The Prince’s Trust is a charity for 14 to 30-year-olds who have struggled at school, have been in care, are long-term unemployed or have been in trouble with the law. Through practical and financial support, The Trust helps young people develop the skills they need for successful employment, education and training.
The Prince’s Trust ‘Get into’ programme is a series of short vocational courses in sectors such as cooking and hospitality. Last year, 1,837 disadvantaged young people took part in a ‘Get into’ programme and 74% of those who completed the course achieved positive outcomes including employment, further education or training and voluntary work.
The Prince’s Trust other key activity is ‘Get Started’, a programme of arts and music designed to engage young people who are significantly alienated from education, training and employment and lack the confidence, motivation or skills to move forward. ‘Get Started with Music’ gives young people unique opportunities such as working with professional musicians and developing their skills in vocals, instruments or music technology. Last year, 76% of the 1,238 people who took part in a ‘Get Started’ programme achieved positive outcomes.
The Jamie Oliver Foundation who's mission is to empower, educate and engage as many people as possible to love and enjoy good food. This means learning how to cook, understanding where food comes from, and recognizing the power it can have on our health, happiness, and even finances. We do this through teaching, training and employment, and also by making good clear information available to as many people as possible. The Jamie Oliver Foundation is a registered charity .
The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees who have been recruited on the basis of their shared passion – that food can make an empowering and lasting difference to the lives of every person. To date, the Foundation has worked with a range of ages, from kids as young as four to the elderly.
Jamie is the driving force behind the Jamie Oliver Foundation. Under the UK Foundation, there are three charity activities:
  • Fifteen’s Apprentice Programme
  • Jamie’s School Projects
  • Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Fifteen’s Apprentice Programme

In 2002 Jamie founded ‘Fifteen’, a restaurant group that uses the magic of food to give unemployed young people a chance for a better future. The group is made up of three restaurants: the flagship Fifteen London (established in 2002), Fifteen Amsterdam (in 2004) and Fifteen Cornwall (in 2006).
At the heart of the business is a desire to encourage young people to believe in themselves, to show each one of them their past can be left behind and persuade them that they can create their own future. Every year, each restaurant takes on unemployed and under-qualified young people in the local area and trains them to become qualified chefs through a unique Apprentice Programme.
To date, more than 220 apprentices have graduated, many of whom have carved out successful careers in the restaurant industry all over the world. In fact, a 2002 graduate, Tim Siadatan, was named as one of the ‘Top 10 Young Chefs in Europe’ by The Wall Street Journal, following the opening of his restaurant, Trullo.

Jamie’s School Projects

In 2005, Jamie’s Channel 4 television series ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’ highlighted the poor quality of meals provided by the majority of UK schools. Jamie’s ‘Feed Me Better’ campaign, which ran alongside the series, led to major investment by the government as well as policy changes to improve school food. 

After Jamie took a petition with more than 271,000 signatures to 10 Downing Street, asking for major changes to what children were fed in school, £280 million of investment was promised and the School Food Trust was set up to help improve the quality of school food.
Jamie continues his campaigning role in relation to the school food agenda: watch this space as work continues behind the scenes on the School Kitchen Garden project.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food

In 2008, Jamie launched his Ministry of Food campaign with the aim of getting people cooking again. He wanted to encourage people to share their cooking skills and teach their friends what they had learnt. The campaign was inspired by a nutritional programme during the Second World War in which cookery teachers offered the population help and advice, to make sure people knew how to feed themselves properly.
When Jamie set out to make the Ministry of Food TV series, he wanted to prove that anyone could learn to cook – and that it was fun, cool, could save them money and help their family and friends to live healthier lives.
To date, there are three Ministry of Food centres in the UK, and one mobile outreach programme. A further two centres are due to open in late 2011. In late 2010, a Ministry of Food subsidiary was launched in Ipswich, Australia, in partnership with ‘The Good Guys’. The centres are places where local people can learn the basics of cooking and get friendly advice on recipes, ingredients, menu-planning and nutrition, and how to make good, simple meals on a tight budget.

From the minute we got there to the minute we left we had nothing but an enjoyable time, this was the first Festival or Feastival that I've been to that I truly felt was as family friendly as it said it was and with children under 12 able to attend for free and 12 to 17 year olds only charged £25 a ticket and that included 3 dishes of food! for the adults there was the choice of standard entry with all dishes at £5 each or VIP which included 5 dishes an exclusive VIP area plus unlimited wine, beer, soft drinks and BBQ all day!

The atmosphere was lovely , the Common was kept clean even the toilets were kept stocked with toilet tissue and cleaned something rare for most festivals!

As well as the pop-up restaurants and food stalls there were cooking demonstrations , wine tasting, Romany Caravan complete with tarot and palm reading, The little dudes den for children which had it all art, crafts, entertainment, face painting even a quiet reading area!

And there was my daughters favourite The Fairground! Beautifully traditional rides safe for children of all ages and all FREE! My little ones favourite was the Ferris Wheel she's very adventurous for a 2 year old!

The ranges of food, the smells, the tastes all amazing we tried Malaysian food with delicious chicken satay and roti, beautiful fresh seafood, gourmet burgers, amazing gellato and of course BBQ ! 

Then on to the entertainment! before the headline act 'Soul II Soul' Jamie Oliver came on stage to thank everyone for coming, explain a bit more about the charities and where the proceeds would go and then introduce the Brilliant Soul II Soul! I did try to upload a video but technology hates me! though I will try again later!

We danced, we enjoyed the music and the atmosphere , we enjoyed more food and all in all had the most fabulous day and hopefully this wasn't just a one off and it will be on again next year as I can really see this going from strength to strength there was definitely room for growth and I can see this becoming one of the big Festivals or should I say Feastivals!

 *all information about the charities supported was taken from The Big Feastival Website