Thursday, 5 May 2011

Theme Weddings, seriously why?

Ok before I begin I don't want to offend anyone but seriously a theme wedding or colour scheme that guests have to adhere to is well in my opinion a little bit naff, I'm so so sorry if I upset anyone and I'm sure your pirates and princesses wedding was lovely but themes for me are for childrens parties.

I have had many of these themed dress coded wedding over the years and only one was beautiful, a dear friend of mine who was getting married for the 2nd time had a small wedding where the dress code was purple and fairy costumes for the small children(my girls were small at the time and loved this) the hotel was decorated in many shades of purple and there were fairy lights and candles everywhere, it was beautiful, they said their own vows, friends that were singers sang songs that were special for the bride and groom and it was a lovely day about sharing their love with the people they love. Oh I've gone all mushy just thinking about it.

I have 2 weddings to go to this weekend one tomorrow and one Saturday and it turns out that the one tomorrow has a "Theme" I however didn't know about their "Theme" until this morning when I checked the wedding website (and what is that about!) for directions to the church. There wasn't a word about a dress code on the invite and now it's the day before and the neither of the dresses that I have fit the damn dress code oh and to top off the dress code they would like the ladies to wear a hat or a fascinator, really!?

I'm all for making the brides big day a happy and memorable one but seriously how is me dressing up like a flamingo(sorry flamenco)going to do that! Shouldn't the day be about making a statement to the world that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with or am I just being over romantic?

Well I'm off now to find a flamingo costume wish me luck!

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