Wednesday, 4 May 2011

S*#T, F*~K, BO![*@KS!

Ok I know it's not big and it's not clever to swear and I have always told my children that people only swear when they can't think of anything intelligent to say but lets face it sometimes you're just so frustrated that swearing like a sailor (do they really swear that much?) is all you can do and today it's one of those days!

It has been shitty since I got up , don't want to go in to too much detail some of it is a bit personal but it has officially been a CRAP day!

And that's the other thing if you're having a really crappy day and all you want you do is sit in the corner holding your knees rocking back and forth crying, you can't if you have kids or can you? Seriously I don't know what's best , as a parent you want to protect your children from all things horrible, but should they know that mum is having the day from hell? or should you put that brave face on smile like an idiot and just get on with it?

My choice today, apart from a small outburst at my teenage daughter who decided that she wasn't going to college today was to smile like a maniac, chat for England and pretend that all was right with the world but would I be fairer to them to let them know we all have bad days, sometimes we all want the day to be over with and wish we'd never got up and hopefully very hopefully things do get better!

Thoughts please?

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