Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ghostly Goings on

I think we have a ghost!

I'm one of those, I'll believe it when I see it kind of people for the most part but I'm also open minded and believe there is far more in this world than we can offer a reasonable explanation for and I have had spooky unexplained incidents in my past but the night before last was weird and without explanation.

We were sat in the living room when we heard plates being moved and a cupboard door being shut, I looked at everyone in the room and said  "you all heard that?" just checking on my mental stability, you never know, right? "yes!" said everyone knowing that we were all there so there was no one in the Kitchen! so I armed myself with the broom to go and investigate, what I would have done if someone was there I don't know, sweep them to death! but as it turned out like we thought no one was there! explanation.....No freaking idea! so if you have any, please let me know

Then in the middle of the night one of my daughters got up to use the toilet and as she put it "I was just sat there minding my business when the hot water tap suddenly turned on full and piping hot!"

soooooooo weird, I mean we often hear strange noise but its a big house and It wasn't build very well so there are all sorts of reasons we might hear noises but these two things I can't explain away!

How about you any explanations? or experiences? I'd love to hear


  1. Our toilet flushes when no one is in the room, but I have always told myself it's just the float apparatus in the tank going bad. But now I wonder....

    1. You never know Robert! I must say I am a bit sceptical but I really cannot come up with an explanation!


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