Saturday, 14 May 2011

Because I said I would!

So a little while ago I said I would write something everyday and I have realised that with a busy life thats not always as easy as it sounds, there are times like today when not only am I busy, I'm trying to get my lovely lot ready to go visit a dear dear friend, that makes us sound old so! scratch that , going to visit my BFF, too young? ok the fact of the matter is she is my best friend, my female soul mate, partner in crime and drinking partner! Better? I hope so!

So as I know it will be late when I return I am trying to get all the mundane tasks out of the way so I don't wake up to chaos in the morning, so I'm off now to eat good food, have a drink or 3 and a catch up.

Normal service will resume tomorrow if I can think of something interesting to write!

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