Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Really , Its Tuesday are you sure?

It's Tuesday, ok I know I'm stating the obvious but after the long weekend it feels like Monday and I have that Monday Feeling! you know the one at the start of the week when you just think "Really,Do I really have to get up?" you put the alarm on snooze a few more times than is really practical then you do it, you get up, begrudgingly!

Yes it's Tuesday and I have the Monday Morning Blues , Isn't this the point I don sunglasses and start playing a guitar or harmonica? first line usually "I woke up this morning *dah duh duh da duh * (that's me playing the guitar)

Seriously though after a Royal Wedding, a long weekend and BBQ yesterday , today is a bit of a come down but I have not 1 but 2 weddings to go to this week so thats something to look forward to though if I'm being honest, not really as they're out of politeness invites, you know the kind , they're not really friends but they had to invite you and they're not really friends but you really ought to go, who knows, they may both have a free bar that'll make it worth it!

But as for now it's the real start of the week so I better get on with it and see what it brings!

What's your week going to be like? I'd love to know x

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