Sunday, 8 September 2013

Time and Tide wait for no man or woman for that matter

Ok, its official, well maybe not official, you know there was no big announcement and I didn't sign any legal documents but I'm getting old! yes that's right you heard it here first I the last one to be kicked out of the pub/club/party still dancing is getting old!

I made this shocking realisation last night. My best friend and I had arranged to go out for a bit of a catch up, we both have busy lives and don't get to see each other half as much as we should.

So the first sign of my impending old age actually went unnoticed by me at first but here it is...... Dare I say it? ......I swapped my beautiful wedges that I had put out to wear for a nice comfortable pair of flat pumps! I know, what is wrong with me!

So that going unnoticed we headed off, the fact that it was still daylight upon leaving should have been my second clue but it gets worse than that!

We ended up in fabulous little Turkish Restaurant where the food is great, the service is great, you know the kind that ticks all the boxes and we chatted and enjoyed our meal and only ordered one bottle of wine between us (another sign here me thinks!) and then we left and we didn't know what to do and my friend, my dear sweet usually exactly the same as me friend said " shall we just go back to yours and have a cup of tea" and I said YES!

but that's not all, do you want to know the worst of it? I can't believe I'm going to admit this but I looked at my watch and it was only 8.30! Seriously hanging me head in shame here, there was a time when she and I would only just be thinking about getting ready to go out at that time and more likely coming home at 8.30 am! oh how times have changed.

I did scare myself the other day when I saw a top in shop for ladies of a certain age and thought, that's quite nice, if only I'd seen the signs then.

So how does one mourn ones youth? Should I burn all those clothes that my daughters still want to borrow and buy some nice sensible skirts and sweaters? I just don't know what the correct etiquette is here? or to I just accept that all of us have to grow up at some time and just fancy that nice cup of tea?

But seriously dude heading home at 8.30!

Oh god just realised probably should stop saying dude and I'm guessing that twerking is really out of the question too!


  1. Girl, I'm right there with ya!!! If I'm not out the door by 6pm I ain't goin' out, and I'm always home and in bed by 9pm. However, I can do some damage in those 3 hours. Hahahaha

  2. Lol, Oh me too! Sad thing is I even turned down a night out last week because the thought of clubbing then coming home at 4.30 in the morning to then be woken by a one of the kids filled me with dread! but I will go out damn it! I may even stay out until 10! ;)

  3. I'm thinking embrace it, a nice tea set and take our knitting/ crocheting with us next time ;) x

    1. Lol maybe we could find a knitting/crochet club that serves wine! In a nice cup and saucer of course!

  4. Oh, yeah, you're really old! What, not even 40 yet? LOL!!

    Here's a poem by none other than our own Yorkshire Pudding that you can ponder, this from a man in his late 50s or early 60s. I myself am 72, but this poem speaks to me. If it doesn't say anything to you, you ain't anywhere near old enough to be moaning and groaning....

    Song for Lost Youth

    Perhaps I should have cradled it
    Like a dove
    Kept it safe with tender love
    But I squandered it -
    Like a wild mountain stream
    Desperate for an ocean
    That was but a distant dream.
    ...I just never thought
    That I could have loitered in the shallows
    Reflecting the blueness of the sky
    - Concealing silver fishes
    - Quietly biding my time
    - Stretching it out.
    And so, and so it's gone now
    - My ephemeral youth
    - That precious once only gift
    - That honeyed sweetness,
    Leaving only the trembling resonance
    Of distant echoes
    From half-remembered hills.

    by Neil Theasby, 2013

    1. lol oh my dear Robert oh how I miss 40! and the poem does indeed speak to me in volumes actually, quite a talent there and on that note I'm heading over to check out his blog x


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