Thursday, 2 June 2011

Oops I did it again!

No I'm not channelling Britney and neither is this an ode to said popstar, but given the amount of stress I have of late I may be having a Britney style melt down, shave my head and sit in a corner rocking back and forth! No the oops again is because I missed another day yesterday * hangs head in shame and disgust for my lack of time management * , that's not to say I missed a whole day that would be worrying and concerning, I mean how would that happen unless of course you took travel sickness pills went to a wedding and drank far too much wine and champagne without reading the do not drink alcohol while taking this medication warning on the box, True story! Still have no idea what I did or what happened and quite frankly I don't think I want to know! It was a long time ago and if you were at said wedding or it was your said wedding I am very very sorry but what I said/did/kissed/puked/_________ fill in blank as necessary and I promise it will never happen again!

No I'm talking about blogging, I said I would write something everyday but it's haarrrd! *said in whiny teenage voice* not hard to think of something to say, that I never have a problem with, once again I apologise, it's finding the time with kids, house life etc etc.

I so admire everyone out there who manages their house, kids, work and still find time to blog! How do you do it? Seriously you are amazing and I bow before your superior organisation skills!

But I made a pledge and I will try harder so please all you lovely bloggers out there give me some tips on managing my time and getting it all done!

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  1. Two "oops"es on successive days cannot be tolerated. Either blog, or don't, but enough with the "oops"es already! (just kidding...)

    I think it is entirely appropriate to feel contrite.


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