Sunday, 8 May 2011

Can someone stop the room swaying please

So last night was wedding number 2! Just the reception this time.

And so started my adventure in to Essex! Typed the post code into the sat nav it told me 1 hour 17 mins ok so we're supposed to be there for 7.15 , what time do we get there 8 bloody 30! We left in plenty of time or so we thought but thanks to London traffic, The Woolwich Ferry ( why is there only ever 1 boat! More importantly why am I stupid enough to think that might be quicker than one of the tunnels!)and the sat nav telling us in it's lovely robotic voice "you have reached your destination" when we actually in the middle of a field! It took us 2 and half hours! Oh the joy!

So here I was in Essex now I've never seen The only was is Essex, it's never appealed to me so I only know what I've read and what my eldest daughter has told me about it but let me tell you there were tango'ed people a'plenty! Now I'm all for a subtle natural looking fake tan but why would you plaster it on until you look like a magahony sideboard! Each to their own though.

The venue was actually really nice and there was a free bar! I know dangerous right, I mean it would be rude not to drink when they provided so kindly for their guests and I didn't have to drive home so I had 5 or 6 G&T's, just to be polite of course!

I have a slight hangover this morning and can't find the mute button for the kids but all in all it's been a lovely weekend!

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