Sunday, 1 May 2011

What a week!

What a week it's been here in the UK and more specifically my home!

It's been a week with not one but two bank holiday's, a Royal wedding, my eldest son moving back home after a year and a half and on Monday another bank holiday so it's been a lovely long weekend here in the UK!

The very short week has been lovely for my teens after 2 weeks off school they only returned for 3 days (they did try to convince me it wasn't worth them going in for those 3 days, yeah right! )and now another short week to come, then they have another week off at the end of May ( apparently there's no point in them going to school at all they're off so much, another nice try girls).

Then my eldest son has moved back home, a little adjustment in sleeping arrangements needed here, meaning that 2 of my girls are sharing a room again, oh the drama! Firstly it's not fair, then there's not enough room for all our stuff, " time for a sort out" I say, " no we need all our stuff" they say, I wonder exactly how many bags of discarded paper and general junk do 2 girls need, apparently a lot ! Then of course there was that lovely cry of "I'm going to kill her by the end of the week!"followed by "the feelings mutual" oh the love!

All that being said it is nice to have him home but I also want him to sort himself out and find his own feet, I should point out he hasn't actually lost them that would odd, its just an expression!

And then on to the Royal Wedding , what an atmosphere we had here in London, Street Party's, Lots of flag flying and red white and blue everywhere. I didn't get quite that enthusiastic and I wasn't that interested, Obviously I wanted to see 'The Dress' but I didn't think I was interested in all the pomp and circumstance, that was until I sat down to watch and there was an interaction between Harry and Wills as Kate was walking down the Aisle, Harry turned round to look then turned back with a very cheeky smile and said something to William and this private joke changed my opinion , I thought to myself they might be royal but they are two brothers sharing a milestone, I also thought, I wish I could lip read and I wondered if he said its not too late to make a run for it! I then started to enjoy it, all this pomp and circumstance and ceremony and I watched it with pride and delight and a little bit of a crush on Prince Harry!

 And now at the end of the week I have a barbecue to go to tomorrow and I'm looking forward to time with my loved ones, charred hunks of meat and hopefully copious amounts of alchohol to help make that all bearable!

What's your week been like?

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