Monday, 16 May 2011

But what do I call it?

I made this yesterday, it's not quite what you'd call a terrine, it's not quite what you'd call meat loaf so if I tell you what's in it and how I made it can someone name it please?

I first made it 15 years ago and to I haven't made it for about 5 and quite randomly when I asked the kids what they would like for dinner my daughter said what about that thing you used to make with bacon and chicken and apricots so I made it , here it is!

And here's the recipe!

You'll need a 2lb loaf tin , no need to grease it .


Around 16 rashers of smoked streaky bacon
500g sausage meat
2 chicken breasts sliced to fit length and width of tin
250g soft dried apricots

This is so incredibly simple yet so incredibly tasty!

Heat the oven to 170

Line the loaf tin with bacon, including both ends of the tin, leaving the Bacon overhanging as it will be folded in across the top when finished.
Next fill with a layer of sausage meat, then slice your apricots and lay on top of the sausage meat, next layer on the sliced chicken breast, then another layer of the apricots and finally a layer of the remaining sausage meat, then simply fold the overhanging bacon across the top to cover the sausage meat completely

Now place the loaf tin in a roasting tin and fill the roasting tin with water up to about half up the loaf tin then just pop it in the oven for about an hour.

When you take it out of the oven drain off all the fat then turn out, if you wish to brown it a little more simply pop it under the grill or in a hot oven until brown.

Leave to settle for about 15 mins then slice and serve! We had ours with new potatoes and wilted spinach , delicious

Now all you lovely people have to do is make it, enjoy it and please name it for me!

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  1. My suggestion for a name for your dish:

    Condoleezza Without Rice


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