Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lost and Found

I know Its been a while and I have no excuse except life!

Life is hectic at the moment I seem to be on the go constantly with each day blurring into the next!

And one thing I could really do without on a daily basis is that line "Muuuummm have you seen my( insert any word of your choice here, chances are my kids have lost it!)" unless it's waving a flag shouting "wooHoo, Here I am look at me!" they will not find it!

In my house I apparently am the only person who can find or see things seriously I could dance around naked with whatever item it was between my teeth doing a fandango while balancing a parrot on my head and they still wouldn't see what they were looking for! In fact the only thing they would probably notice is that I wasn't looking for said item!

And then the really annoying thing is it's usually in plain view, I walk in wherever it is that they are having their mad panic and I see it straight away!

Though there are those times that I can't find it( usually means they've left somewhere other than the place they think they have or it's under their bed, trust me no one wants to go there!) and I too do lose things but that usually because I'm running round like a headless chicken trying to sort out something for one of them!

So am I alone in this or is anyone else out there blessed with the ability to see things invisible to teenagers eyes?


  1. Yesss! That's me too. But It's sadder... There's only me here. Well, unless you count one prodigal son who spends all his time in his room and only gets annoyed when he trips over something between his room and the bathroom.

  2. Although that seems to be the eternal cry up at The House it wasn't a cry our two boys used. I'm not sure how we escaped so lightly. As I live alone in The Cottage it's certainly not a problem for me nowadays. I can ask myself where something is as much as I want but I am rarely able to provide an answer.


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