Saturday, 16 April 2011

To blog or not to blog that is the question

I think that is the question Shakespeare would be asking if he was around today don't you?

It would seem that everyone and his dog has a blog these days, some to share what's going on in their lives aimed primarily at their family and friends, some to share and promote their businesses,Then there are the blogs that review things and then there are people like me who just want to write,share their thoughts and hope that someone else will enjoy what they've written, do you?

I don't know what I was expecting when I started writing my blog part of me obviously hoped that I would be an overnight sensation and have hundreds of loyal followers hanging on my every word, I have one! bloatedcaterpillar I thank you! And one regular reader rhymeswithplague I thank you and you make me smile often but what I have realised is although obviously I would love lots and lots of followers ( needy huh? ) I love just writing down what I'm thinking getting all those thoughts out of my head to make room for some more! And in fairness I need to work more on my blog, organise it, add all the recipes that I had originally planned but the reality is I am a bit of a moron when it comes to all things computer , when I was at school IT was optional and only the affectionately termed nerds and boys who wanted to spell out BOOBS on those long bits up paper took IT what was that about back then? was it computer programming? I really don't know all I know, I have taught myself learned along the way, even when I returned to learning 5 years ago it was mostly trial and error that got me through(bit like life) so you see when it comes to the technical side of things I am somewhat challenged, if someone would just put it in plain English that even a 10 year old could understand, actually scratch that all 10 years olds know how to do everything on a computer, plain English that a 5 year old can understand and I will be fine, failing that send me a 10 year old to teach me!

Yet again I digress really what I'm trying to say is blogging for me is about expression but
if you want to follow I'd like that too!


  1. Hi, it's me, your regular reader (which I suppose is better than being called your irregular reader, which smacks of a possible need for laxatives), just dropping by to thank you for writing your blog and for supporting mine on a (you should pardon the expression) regular basis.

    I think what I like most is that your "voice" is real and authentic and "the genuine article."

    I tried to get out all the insanity out in my "other" blog (Billy Ray Barnwell Here) but it keeps creeping back in.

    I guess we're doomed.

  2. Please keep the insanity it's what makes you, you and I think what makes me,me! So thank you my regular, irregular, regular reader!


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