Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kids tv, what's going on

I'm not the biggest fan of letting small children sit glued to the television, but there are times like this morning that I just want that 5 minutes of quiet and I give in and enjoy the small amount of peace it affords me. Right now there are probably some parents recoiling in horror at thought of me using the television as a tool for a bit of quiet well what I have to say to you is lucky you! That you don't need 5 minutes of quiet! Me, I've been up with my daughter since silly o'clock and I need a quiet cup of coffee! Really you wouldn't want to see me without caffiene and neither would my family.

Now there are a few programmes that my daughter adores and I approve of, Peppa Pig is the most favourite and I approve, ignore the fact that it's talking animals for some reason since tv began it was decided that children would relate to talking animals, think muffin the mule etc but they at least speak English correctly, no made up words for Peppa and her family!

Then there are those childrens programmes that I cannot let her watch mainly down to my own pain and somewhat annoyance that they seem to want children to use some stupid made up language that I guess they think is cute, my annoyance is building, can you tell?

I'm thinking about such programmes as In the night garden, I mean seriously what is that about? No really I'm asking? Then there was Waybuloo, again made up language grrrrr surely these type of programmes do not encourage speech or at least not with the use of real words! It's not big, it's not clever and personally I don't think it's cute!

Then there are those programmes I just don't get, Jungle Junction! I'm talking about you! They're animals but they're vehicles and they have long twisting roads that go through the jungle , I just don't get the concept and frankly Miss Jolly's headlights disturb me!

I have a large age gap between my youngest and next child up and I was trying to remember what was on when she was little and her loves were bear in the big blue house, more talking animals but with some learning and morals and Barney again trying to teach children about caring and sharing etc and who can complain about that even if he was a giant purple dinosaur who sang annoying songs that stuck in your head!

Then when I think back to my childhood, I remember Bagpuss, The flumps, Jamie and his magic torch and The Wombles not sure what that say's but they're what I remember!

Children are not little idiots they are little humans who relate to things that translate to their lives just like we do, which is why they like watching babies and families and animals of any kind not just the talking variety and of course just like us they like fantasy but please no made up languages or vehicles that are animals seriously no more!

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