Monday, 18 April 2011

End of week 4 update

I am not a happy me in fact I'm a really angry me, angry with myself! In a big big way!!! I have not got into the spirit of the challenge that I set myself at all, I have let life get in the way I have made excuse after excuse for myself and the end result is disappointment, disappointment that I haven't even made a dent in what I hoped to achieve and disappointment in myself for letting myself down. *pulls very sad face* actually a little near to tears as I write this, I am also hormonal which doesn't help but I need to figure out why I'm doing this, when I set out on my 3 F challenge I was filled with positivity I thought by this point I would have lost a stone and feel wonderful about myself well the reality is I let myself down and feel awful about myself!

So the results for this the end of week four drum roll this week, maybe the death march or something equally macabre would be more fitting .......

Weight loss.........................absolutely zero , I haven't gained any though so that is something but in four weeks I have upped and downed and stayed exactly the same! Did you read my self-sabotage post? I think I might be on to something.

I actually can't be bothered to put the rest down in it's usual style and order it just doesn't deserve that kind of attention!

What I have done this week is bought myself some new clothes, I actually bought myself a gorgeous maxi dress that doesn't make people ask if I'm pregnant again! Don't you hate that? My usual response is no I'm just fat! Usually shuts them up! In fact the dress is actually really flattering so yay me on that one and I bought myself a gorgeous vintage sheer jacket in duck egg blue which actually looks fab with my slightly flared jeans so these are good things, I wish they were in a size smaller but they're not so my choice now is to actually stop making excuses, figure out why I'm self sabotaging and try to take getting slimmer and healthier seriously or Should I just accept who I am and just try to exercise more?

Come on people you tell me


  1. I'm all for stopping making excuses and also just accepting who you are, I mean, who else are you going to be? Also, I discern that you self-medicate with new clothes, and that is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, it is just a thing, but better than exercising, in my book. I hate exercising, but I try do some every day. I wake up each morning and say, "Up, down, up, down, one, two, one, two" and then I say, "All right, now the other eye." :)

    Losing a stone sounds odd to these American ears; I don't even know how much that is. My son-in-law needs to lose a stone right now, but in his case it is a kidney stone. :(

    Hope your day has more :)'s than :('s.

    Here is your King James Bible verse of the day:

    "Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works." --Ecclesiastes 9:7

  2. Thank you as always for making me smile and brightening my day! Me exercise routine is the same as yours we must have the same personal trainer! A stone is 14 lbs and if I could stop baking cakes and enjoying food ideally I'd like to lose 3 of them but I love food so much! It was actually more of a health thing than a vanity thing though I wouldn't say no to a better figure as well!

    Hope things go well for your son in-law a most painful experience from what I've heard.

    I like the bible verse , thank you , I shall carry on and try accepting myself and being me! I think I should be quite good at it , I never was very good at being someone else I think they call that acting!

    Hope you day as been good and I'm glad you're you!


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