Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fashion, style and me

As you know from my previous post when it comes to the style stakes I have one and that's jeans, jeans with uggs, jeans with Birkenstocks, jeans with plimsolls so really I guess you could say I actually have no style and just dress for comfort * pulls sad desperate help me face *.
The reason I am mentioning this again now is not just because of my 3 F's challenge but also because I have 2 weddings coming up in a months time and I have desperately been looking for something to wear for both of them, one is an all day thing, the other just an evening invitation.
One in London, one in Essex and no I won't be getting vajazzled for the occasion!

Anyway my hunt for the appropriate attire led me to thinking about fashion and style are they one and the same or are they two quite different things? I've always thought of fashion as the current trends we always say what's In fashion after all and I think of style as something personal, the right look for you so to speak, something that fits well, the colour complementing you, the style suiting you something that makes you look at the whole package not just the clothing but am I right? Really I'm asking?

The thing is I don't really know what suits me anymore I haven't really thought about what I where for a while now, my main criteria for choosing what to wear has been, does it fit? Is it clean? Does it need ironing? and like I said before I want to change that but where to begin?

There are also different considerations now compared to my youth in my youngers days I loved fashion I wore what I liked, I also liked to wear something a little different conformity was not for me and I liked to stand out but at 20 that's great at 39 not so much, come on be honest we've all looked at someone and the thought mutton dressed as lamb, come on be honest
you know you have!

So I am here in mild panic about where to look, what to wear and what suits me somehow I don't think jeans are going to cut it do you?

So I'm putting it out there any would be stylists tell me what to wear, I'm 5ft,5 , I'm a thankfully in proportion curvy size 18 hourglass bordering pear shape, quite pale with reddish brown hair and green eyes if that helps, with a limited budget so your mission if you choose to accept it, is give me some ideas what to wear and help me look fabulous!

Or a close imitation of something like it!

Should also add that I'm aspiring to be a size 16 by then!

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