Monday, 11 April 2011

Is this a case of style over content?

Well it's the end of week 3 of my Fit, Fabulous and Forty challenge and I have made a number of steps toward being a more put together me but I can't help but wonder does it all really matter? Surely it's the person on the inside that counts? How I fill my mind not my body? But that's the thing that makes all of this difficult you can't see what's going on on the inside it's the outside that gives that first impression after all.

All that being said the psychological affects of feeling good about how you look can't be denied, I don't get to go out in the evening very often as an actual grown up, feel sorry for me and invite me out please! But last week I went out dressed up, in heels and wearing make-up and I felt good, I looked in the mirror and I didn't recoil in horror and my darling little girl said " you look so beautiful mummy " and that made my night if not my year! So perhaps feeling like the effort toward appearance is somehow superficial is wrong, if you feel better about yourself and it increases your confidence then it can only be viewed as positive.

So on with the challenge, at least until my birthday anyway!

Weight lost, zilch, nada very upset and annoyed with myself must try harder and I don't suppose going to a chocolate festival really helps!and at least I haven't gained weight.
Times at gym...................... Um I'm ashamed to say another big fat zero! But I have walked ALOT this week
Hair brushed ..................... Every day! I'm getting good at this one so hence forth I shall leave it off my list.
Make-up worn ..................... 4 count them 4 times! I have even moisturised every day and on a few occasions even put night cream on and let me tell you my skin is thanking me.
And now last but by no means least the style part of my challenge ........................ Ok hands up here I have worn jeans every day but in a different way if that makes sense,I've worn different styles of jeans, with more than just a t- shirt and I have only worn the uggs once and like I said I have even worn heels! My feet did not thank me for this I've spent 2 years at home with my little one and have had very few occasions where the wearing of heels were required.

I don't think I'm really getting into the spirit of my own challenge am I? This is a situation I have to rectify with some urgency, even with all I said at the start of this post when I weighed myself I was really disappointed that I hadn't lost any weight and I can't ignore that psychologically I felt so much better when I made an effort with my appearance and I'm pretty confident that I would have been viewed differently by others after all no matter what we say we do judge a book by it's cover even if what you see isn't always what you get!

So my real challenge this week is my weight,I must make a real concerted effort to not give in to temptation and to eat healthily!

Let's hope next week gives some better results x


  1. I went out dressed up last week also, although I was not in heels and wearing make-up. Maybe next time.

    Mrs. RWP and I had to drive nearly 300 miles to attend the funeral of a friend and then 300 miles back the very next day. I cannot say I "felt good" afterwards. the older I get the more I realize I can still do just about everything I used to do; it just takes longer to recover. But it is certainly true, as you say, that you can't see what's going on on the inside it's the outside that gives that first impression. I trust I didn't scare anyone at the funeral.

    I enjoy reading your blog, Emma. I think we are kindred souls under all that make-up.

  2. I now have visions of you in heels and make-up and I think the smile may stay permanently fixed on my face , thank you , so much cheaper than botox!

    I'm sorry about the loss of your friend and what a long drive! though I do find that sometimes on those long journeys I have time to really think and reflect about things .

    Thank you for you kind comments I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog as I really enjoy reading yours, I love your writing style.


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