Sunday, 17 April 2011

I used to look younger than my age then I had teenagers , I mean stress

I was looking at some old photo's from around 10 years ago and I was shocked I looked so young I mean amazingly young a lot younger than my 30 years that I was then and rather sexy if I do say so myself! And then I saw some pics of me taken a few weeks ago and I look old! Time has not been kind on me, I scrub up quite well don't get me wrong I can disguise some of the hideous but I have deep furrows on my forehead, jowls and the chin has started to slip into my neck , I'm painting a really pretty picture aren't I? So I was trying to think what could have caused this drastic ageing, was it lack of skin care regime? I don't think it can be that, I don't sunbathe and almost always where sunscreen, I don't smoke, I do drink but my liver still works so I'm sure it's not that then it dawned on me teenagers! Over the last 10 years I have had to deal with 5 teenagers the eldest is 24 now and the youngest teenager is 14 and anyone who has teenagers knows what that brings , it brings hormones, tantrums, testing boundaries, exams, love, sex, drinking, smoking, hating school, loving school, choosing colleges, looking for jobs and of course thinking that your mum is a bank with a never ending supply of money! Honestly where do they think we get it from?

This is what has aged me dealing with and worrying about my children, those out there with little ones, you think it's hard now wait till you tell your teenager to be in by 10 and you're phoning them and pacing the floors at midnight worrying if they're alive or dead and saying in your head they'll wish they were if they turn out to be ok, then that overwhelming mixture of relieve and anger when they sheepishly open the door at midnight! Oh the joys!

Thankfully my youngest 2 teenagers have been brilliant,I think I might have this parenting lark down! But the damage has been done! And I still have the little to go, I can't wait!

So to all my children I love you but I think you owe mum some botox and perhaps a face lift so be good, work hard and look forward to when you have children, I know I do!

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