Saturday, 9 April 2011

A night at the movies, Red Riding Hood, well kind of!

Never in a million years did I think that I would post a film review on my blog but I was fortunate enough on Thursday to attend the premiere of Red Riding Hood and I thought what the hey let me share with you my opinion and review of the film.
Cue Barry Norman film of what ever year type music ........

The premiere was at the Empire Leicester square a lovely venue as far as cinemas go but rather like a cattle Market that night and we were herded to our seats with the cry of "water and popcorn can be found on your seat!" Never one to turn down free food this obviously made me rather happy!

The comperes were djs from Kiss fm and they introduced the stars and the director who came on stage and briefly gave some comments on the film and working together. I have to say that the director Catherine Hardwick of twilight fame spoke about the film with such passion and animation that you could tell that it was a project that she really believed in and this led be to believe that the film might be good but unfortunately I have to say that it was mediocre at best, Though at times it was visually stunning.

Briefly,Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is the heroine with obligatory love interests in the form of Peter(Shiloh Fernandez) her childhood sweetheart and with whom she is very much in love with still as an adult and Henry(Max Irons) the rich blacksmith who she has been promised to by her mother.

The story vaguely resembles the original but in such a vague way that you have to think about how this could possibly be an interpretation of a 700 year old children's fairy tale but the immortal Grandma what big eyes you have etc  are uttered so that kept with the original tale but not in the expected way and the introduction of the rather mad priest Father Solomon with some rather unorthodox ways leaves you feeling that the story need not have been based on Red Riding hood and could quite easily be just another girl meets boy meets werewolf story. having said all that there were some twists and turns and you were kept guessing about the identity of the werewolf right up until the 'surprise' ending so I suppose in that sense it kept you watching and you did walk away from the cinema still talking about the film even if we weren't raving about it so in that respect it had an impact of sorts.

All in all not a film I'd watch again but it was a lovely night out and there was FREE popcorn! so if anyone else would like to send me tickets to a free movie I'll happily review it and throwing in free food never hurts either! Just saying.

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