Friday, 3 June 2011

A loss of lbs and pounds

Last night was my weigh in for the end of week 2 at WeightWatchers and I have lost just 1 lb this week I know I should be happy that it's a loss but I was secretly a little dissappointed I guess I was hoping for another 4 lb weight loss but I did realise that I hadn't been quite as meticulous about recording everything that I had ate and I had baked a birthday cake and about a 100 cupcakes and of course I had to taste 1 or 3 to check that were ok, it would have been wrong not to wouldn't it!

Don't get me wrong I am taking WeightWatchers seriously, they're taking 20 quid a month off me after all but you have to live too , don't you? and life is too short to deny yourself everything, my 3F's challenge isn't just about losing weight by time I'm 40 it's more about being fit for the next forty years and looking more like the person I feel on the inside and I realised today while looking for an outfit for a wear to a reception (I will tell you more about this later) that I have a lot of clothes that are perfectly suitable for everyday wear and are far more stylish than my usual Jeans, t-shirts, Birkenstocks combo that I seem to have adopted as comfortable and practical and ok they are but and it's a big butt ( do you like the little play on words?) I have lovely stylish dresses that would be equally comfortable with the right shoes or sandals so why do I consider it wrong to wear anything other than jeans? Seriously I'm asking you?

I hope by time I'm forty I'm closer to finding the answers and losing the lbs quicker than I'm losing the pounds but for now I shall persevere and I'll let you know next week how I'm getting on! Xx

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