Thursday, 16 June 2011

Really, I just said that!

Firstly I would like to start today's session by apologising about the lack of blogging over the last few days, I made a promise nay a pledge to blog every day even if it was just one word and as is my life I have failed you! I will take my punishment like a man! That is if my punishment is being put in the corner or isolated alone in a room, frankly I good do with the break! But if it's say 50 push-ups you'll find me snivelling in the corner, I have no upper body strength!

So I've been away for a few days because my daughter has been suffering from a headache/migraine for 5 weeks and we have been to and from hospitals, doctors and this week has been appointment after appointment which is horrible and we're no closer to finding an answer but the doc's are pretty sure it's nothing sinister so until the CT Scan results are back we're being as positive as possible while trying out 3 million pain meds and preventative mads, she now rattles when she walks! But all this leads me to this..... The lines we utter as parents that out of context sound absolutely bizarre! Or maybe it's just me that has to utter those lines, oh god is it just me? Someone tell me, please?

This is the line that initiated my little thought process

"No, I don't think decapitation is the answer!"

Could be talking about the death penalty in some far off country, next assassination attempt by trained assassin perhaps? No this was my response to my daughter saying "I'm so fed up with this headache, can't we just chop my head off"

"Please stop poking your sister with that horse"

First thought perhaps, how does one poke someone with a horse perhaps visions of someone astride a horse making said horse head butt someone? No just my twisted mind!
This was me having to tell my 17 year old to stop poking my 2 year old with a hobby horse, trying to make her laugh but instead of just making her laugh it was making her screech at decibels only audible to dogs!

"that's a bloody cat not a parrot"

Ok, that's stating the obvious but one of my daughters insists on walking around with the cat sat on her shoulder!

"stop throwing zombie sticks at your sister! Wait, what the? Zumba they're zumba sticks!"

That was in response to "Mum!!!, tell her to stop throwing zombie sticks at me!"

See how I have to live! There are loads more and as I think of them I will add them. Please add some of your own and let me know that I'm not the only Mum that has to utter these strange sentences, I'd like to think that my family is like everyone elses! I know right who am I kidding!

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