Thursday, 9 June 2011

Gained a pound shame it wasn't cash

So as you know or don't know depending on whether you read my blog regularly! 10 weeks ago I set myself a challenge which I like to call my 3 F's challenge! Fit, Fabulous and Forty! Not neccessarily in that order! By my birthday in August,it's all about being fitter, thinner and having some seminance of style that doesn't just involve a pair of jeans and Uggs or Birkenstocks ( though I love my Uggs and Birkenstocks with all my heart and always will!)i realised it had become my daily wear so I thought enough is enough it's time for a change! And I have to a big extent done something about the fabulous side of my challenge, I now regularly brush my hair, actually moisturise and wear make-up ok not every day but seriously do you really need to wear make-up everyday? And today I went to the hairdressers and had a complete new look, check out my new profile pic! I love it!

But and it's a big butt! I am having a big issue with the weight loss, I love food! I do, I adore it! I love to cook and you have to try what you make, don't you?

So I joined WeightWatchers and this is the end of week 3 doing it and I have gained a pound, :-( ok a pound might not sound a lot to you but to me it's massive and upsetting and I feel quite sorry for myself :-( so what did I do, I comfort ate! I came in, had a bacon sandwich with cheese and tomatoes, then to add further insult to injury I found the bowl of leftover coffee buttercream that I had iced a cake with 2 days ago and I had a big old spoon full of that, ok 2 spoons or was it 3!*Hangs head in guilt and shame* See it takes a special kind of stupid to eat more food because you're miserable that you gained weight, because that really makes sense!

So now with that realisation I'm going to Zumba my ass off, eat properly this week, try my hardest to avoid wine well maybe not quite as much wine as usual and aim for a much better result next!

Wish me luck x

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