Monday, 7 July 2014

Its been a while hasn't it?

Ok I admit it I keep coming and going, I say I'm back then I go again and I have no excuse except LIFE! life has been bloody busy! but I've finally finished my studies and I'm only working 2 part time jobs now and obviously I still have the 6 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat and a husband and might I add two grandchildren on the way this year but technically I have more time!

So.... If I can think of anything to say and if anyone cares to read it I shall be trying my hand at entertaining and informing or just the usual mad ramblings!


  1. Welcome, Emma, welcome back to blogworld! You seem to be posting more or less semi-annually lately (except for that flurry around the first of the year), so let me be the first to wish you a "Happy New Year 2015"....

    I am busier than ever, even in retirement. Last year I gained a gastroenterologist and this year I gained a urologist who relieved me of a 10mm kidneystone. As my wife tells me, at least you don't have a psychologist yet.

    Looking forward to more posts from Y-O-U.

    1. My Dear Robert, I have been dreadfully lacking in the blog department! if only retirement was giving you happier and less painful busy moments! having now qualified in Psychotherapy I'm you're man! or woman as the case may be! just carry on being Y-O-U and you'll be just fine! trust me I'm a professional! xx


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