Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Is it inappropriate?

I have a question that I need to put out there to the blogging world, How many Bloggers with children of an age that read your blog still talk candidly about sex and the such like?

More accurately your own sex Life? My god I can just see my children's expressions now, they freak out if we dare to kiss in public! "Eurgh, no PDA's, no PDA's we're going to go blind!" that's the usual response from my children so can you imagine the response if I dared to mention my sex life!

I may scar them for life!

Probably too late for the big teenagers, I'm sure I've already damaged them!

But this is my blog written for me and about me, should I be censoring what I write in fear or consideration of who might be reading it?

So I'm asking everyone who reads this to tell me , how far is too far? Go on don't be shy, I really need your opinions

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