Friday, 22 July 2011

How old is too old?

I brave this question because tonight I'm going to a gig with one of my daughters not as an adult accompanying a minor kind of way, although that's what everyone things! No! I not so secretly love Wretch 32, the daughter who I'm going with didn't even know who he was but wanted to see the other 2 artists on the bill!

But it made me think technically this is young music for young people, right? But I think music is subjective, it's about what you like, what moves your soul, what makes you want to get up and dance or sing along.

I love music! My taste is eclectic, there is no particular type I know what I like and I like it! That simple!

I have favourites of course but they don't fit one particular style of music , I love Jason Mraz (ok, I admit he is my absolute favourite) , Billie Holiday, The Foo Fighters, Green Day, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Debussey and they are top of my playlist but I love so much more ,I love Drum and Bass, I love Garage  and I've seen Usher, Adele and Glee live this year, see Eclectic! Or insane!

But back to my dilemma how old is too old to go to the gigs? And what does one wear? Do I try to fit in and potentially end up looking like mutton dressed up as lamb? Or just wear whatever takes my mood? Oh the dilemma!

So what are your favourites? Do you think music is age specific? And more importantly how old is too old?

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