Monday, 25 July 2011

100 not out

This , this right here right now is my 100th post!

I feel it should be something monumental!

Something that will get you thinking, stand the tests of time be the post that kicks all other posts ass!

But at the moment my one and only post about Hot Guys and crushes is still kicking all my other posts asses! so what to do?

Since I started my blog I have covered many issues , life, parenting, body image, knife crime, recipes and reviews to name but a few and what does everyone look at..........Hot Guys and Girls but mainly guys!

So in honour of that post and to celebrate my 100th post I give you ...........

Justin Chambers

Ian Somerhalder
And of course........
Jesse Williams

Not to mention........
Eric Dane

And last but by no means least ......

Justin Timberlake

Honestly the lengths I go to for you! The hard, hard work I had to do looking at all these hot guys!

And yet I still only have 7 followers! what is wrong with you people?

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