Sunday, 8 January 2012

So that's why they call them ghost chillis!

So last night I had cooked a slow cooker chilli for dinner, absolutely delicious with great big chunks of steak and my lovely home made ghost chilli oil and my son comes in opens the pot as he always does when anything is cooking and tries some
"that's not that hot, I thought you said you were using ghost chilli oil"
me, "thought it best to only use a little so as to not destroy the children's taste buds"
son, "oh that's nothing though, I bet a could eat one of those chillies"
Me, trying to blind him with science and convince that I actually do know best "they're like a million scoville units! That's about 10 times hotter than a scotch bonnet, are you insane!" to which the answer is obviously YES! Because he keeps on and on so eventually I get my little bag of dried ghost chilli that I hide at the back of my herbs and spices so no one uses it by mistake and I say "Right son of mine chop a very small bit off the tip of one of thoses and try it then" but what does that idiot boy do (at this point I feel it worth mentioning he's 24!) he bites in to it like its a sweet!
"don't know what you're on about mum, it's not that ......" then it kicks in his eyes start watering first, then streaming then his whole head turns red "quick grab your brother some milk" I say to his 17 year old sister who is practically wetting herself laughing at his misfortune or utter stupidity! He downs a pint in one then another then another, I in complete motherly concern am taking pictures of him , laughing and reminding him that no matter what age you are generally your mother DOES know best! I then realise that he is still rather red and salivating rather a lot ( he's a drooling red eyed wreck to be more precise!)
"now I know why they call them ghost chillis" he says "it's because you want to die after you've eaten one", in between laughing and telling him that I did warn him, real motherly concern does kick in and I google how to lessen the affect , the consensus seems to be ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream! Two bowls later and his head isn't quite so red and he says he thinks the feeling is starting to come back in his tongue so hopefully a lesson has been learnt and he won't do that again....Wrong! an hour later I ring him to see if he's fully recovered and what does he say "yeh feeling much better now seeing as the pain only lasted an hour, I think I might me able to do one of those chilli challenges!" Unbelievable 2 hours ago he was dying now he can take on a chilli challenge!

Oh, we'll I guess it's true what they say "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" or "men are idiots!" I know which one I think!


  1. I agree, most men are idiots (present company excepted, of course). Proof: One topic about which I know absolutely nothing is chili peppers -- I've never heard of ghost chillies, scotch bonnets, or scoville units. Thank you for broadening my horizons.

    I have eaten a Poblano Relleno at a Mexican restaurant, though. Sometimes they're hot and sometimes they're not.

    1. My Dear Robert, Of course present company was excepted when making that comment! With a mind like yours how could I possibly put you in that category!

      We're great chilli lovers in my family though hopefully my son may think twice before biting into a chilli he hasn't tried before! Although thinking about probably not!

  2. I laughed and laughed at this post... I have a male silli chilli-eater too! Must be something about being 24. :-)

    1. I know what is it about the young male ego that makes them think they're invinsible! Although I hope in my son's case it's all a bit of bravado and he actually will think twice before trying something like that again!


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