Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's been a while, I've missed you!

As you may or may not know it's been a little while since I did a real blog post this has been down to having the chest infection from hell and my own special brand of crazy!

Now I'm not talking sitting on the front lawn throwing poo at the neighbours that would the real men in White coats bringing me a special jacket to wear crazy! No, this is more the way my brain works and how I convince myself something is logical kind of crazy!

The few days before this chest infection really hit me I started five yes five different blogposts while I've been I'll I've attempted to start around another 5 but they were mostly a medication induced incoherent mess, nothing unusual there I hear you say

So anyway I kept started theses posts some of which were about Going to see Adele and being made to wait outside for 2 hours decided to put that little rant on hold and started one on the appalling start of public transport this then got sidetracked by a review of zaggora Hotpants which I received( thanks by the way Zaggora, I will start that review!) this made me think about my 3 F's challenge so I started a post on my failure weight loss wise then my cat went into labour and decided to eschew her nice warm safe place that I had ready for her and promptly gave birth in the middle of the kitchen floor which gave way to screaming from the men in my house who were in blind panic which started me on a post about men's inability to cope with something as natural as birth this also started me on a post about my 23 year old son moving back home after a breakdown of his relationship, funny expression that 'breakdown of relationship' conjures up images of AA type breakdown services turning up to repair your relationship and get you back on the road! Well in my head it does, see crazy! Then I felt ill, really ill which started me on a post about going to the doctors, which I never do or should I now say never normally do.

And now here is my special brand of crazy I convinced myself that because I kept starting posts and not finishing them that it made more sense to wait until I could decide which one to commit to and therefore I ending up with nothing,nada,zilch makes so much sense doesn't it? ......NOT!

And now that I've read all this back to my self I can't help wondering if I have ADD! Maybe I should start a post about it!

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