Thursday, 21 July 2011

Toddler taming..... Really

I have a toddler and anyone who has a toddler knows that they go through a stage commonly known as the Terrible Two's!!!!!!!!

And my toddler is trying to break the record for being the most terrible of two year olds! I think that there may be a secret organisation of 2 year olds and she is competing to be the Don! If this is the case trust me she is going to win!

She goes from cute and adorable to Tasmanian devil in a matter of seconds! No surface left uncluttered or covered in paint, food and god, I hope that's chocolate!

I'm not an inexperienced mother she is the youngest of 6 but she has found new and exciting ways to test my patience and make sure that underneath my bright red hair my real hair is actually grey!

And so now to the reason I wrote this post I decided to do a little search on the Internet for some tips on dealing with a particularly high maintenance 2 year old and I came across a book called Toddler Taming! Seriously all I can think of is standing there with an upturned chair in one hand whip in the other shouting back back! I know some toddlers are bad but really!

Anyway of course I ordered the book!

Though seriously I've always thought that toddlers behave this way because they're learning, they're learning about the world around them, learning about boundaries and it's our job to lead by example and show them how to behave.

But all that being said it never hurts to have some tips on dealing with those tantrums or how to get the green felt-tip out of everything! So what are your tips with dealing with toddlers?

I'd love to hear

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