Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Age is just a number!

Hah! and once again Hah!

You're as old as you feel, Age is just a number but its very dependant on what that number is!

For example when you're small you celebrate every little increment in age you ask a small child how old they are and they will happily tell you how old they are down to the last minute, anything to get closer to that next birthday ask a 49 year old and they will tell you just 49 right up until the day before they turn 50! Me if you ask me how old I am I will tell you the truth but quite often I will be 21 with 18 years experience!

We celebrate our age milestones, becoming a teenager, sweet 16's, turning 18 then 21 then we start working up in decades and they can become anxious and far less enjoyable and far more difficult to deal with!

I'm 40 this year and I don't quite know how I feel about it, inside I still have the same feelings and insecurities I had as a 16 year old though outwardly to the world is a very different story!

Now the thing about turning 40 (brings a lump to my throat every time I say it accompanied by a panic of how did I get this old without noticing) for me is combination of wanting to celebrate , wanting to be made to feel special and enjoy this milestone mixed with oh god where did the time go , 40 is soooo old! How could I have got to this age without accomplishing anything but motherhood! Oh woe is me my life is over it's all down hill from here!

So today I'm asking you all how you feel about ageing? What do you think are the big milestones? What's the best age? And the biggest and most important question of them all, Does life begin at 40?

So please everyone let me know

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