Thursday, 5 July 2012

Parenting teens

Some words of wisdom in poem form by a parent in one of my groups I just had to share it.

By Tina – words of encouragement for parents
Mother of three girls
Through the panting and pushing, the swearing and screams
Giving birth to my children, fulfilled all my dreams
When they were little I would hold them so tight
And when they were sick I would sit up all night
Sing all the nursery rhymes and dance to their tune
Then BAM the baby years were over too soon
WELCOME to the teenager who just slammed the door
To the bedroom they own, all their possessions on the floor
The one word answers, the ignorance too
The feeling you get when you think they hate you
This weren’t in the manual, nobody mentioned this
I mean SERIOUSLY were they taking the piss?
I guess I never knew what motherhood entailed
And why I constantly think I have failed
STOP, hold on, this is a test
Sit down a minute, breathe and rest
You were once a teenager too
And what was your parent’s reaction to you?
Most would scream and no doubt shout
Probably to let their anger out
But problems can’t be sorted unless they are shared
Talking to your child shows them that you love them and you care
Special time with your child the two of you alone
Turn the ‘tele’ off, light candles, lock off your phone
Just half an hour daily could do you no harm
Then watch your relationship turn from madness to calm
Don’t be downhearted, it won’t happen overnight
With parent/child relationships it’s an ongoing fight
But never give up, it’s part of your life
Wouldn’t it be boring without some turmoil and strife
God has blessed us with the bundle of joy
Whatever your baby, be a girl or a boy
Before you start screaming, calm down, make a drink
And just for a minute, sit down and think
If you were having dramas and really felt glum
Who better to talk to, there’s no-one better than mum
By doing this just watch the effects
Then be thankful to the Building Blocks of Success

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