Monday, 2 July 2012

Oh for a school!

I have been trying to find a nursery school for my daughter I wanted one that was attached to a school as I believe that continuity is important children settle into nursery, make friends, get to know the school, the staff etc and then that makes the transition to 'big school' easier.

Well let me tell you in my particular area this seems to be mission impossible I can't get a place anywhere and apparently even if I did it wouldn't guarantee her a place at the actual school! How is this possibly right and why has the system changed so much since I had my older children?

The even semi-decent schools are hard to get into and catchment areas are creating a culture of those that have money can move to the catchment area of the good schools and those of us who don't have that kind of option are stuck with what's left!

The point here though is all schools should be good schools and I know schools in poorer areas tend to have larger numbers of children where English is a second language and so often more of the schools time and resources are spent there and for whatever reason the higher proportion of children on free school meals is linked to those in need of special needs attention whether that be at action, action plus or statemented level but this should not affect the level of teaching, care or discipline but it does and this is where we are failing so many of our young people.

I feel that some schools don't try their hardest and don't have higher enough expectations of the children and I think it can often be the case that if you expect little you get little! But why should it be this way?

As for me I have decided to home educate at least until my daughter is of reception age then I can only hope to get a school of my choice.

What do you think of the school system and it's admission process? I'd like to hear your stories.

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