Sunday, 1 July 2012

50 shades!

Ok I admit it I did it I'm sorry but I just had to ........what am I talking about?... 50 shades of Grey by E.L. James. I just couldn't resist anymore I needed to see what all the hype was about and I downloaded it!

You'd have to have been living on another planet not to know what I'm talking about and what I don't want to do is give yet another review of this book, I just want to give my opinion on the whole 50 shades of hype and while doing that obviously I have to address the book a little.

It would seem that 50 shades is like the marmite of books you either love it or hate it!

Now I didn't expect them to go at hammer and tongs on their very first meeting but I didn't expect it to start out like some teen chick lit either, the way I had read the hype was that it was an Erotic novel the likes of which have never before seen!

That would be a great big NO! The book centres around Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey and their less than conventional love affair.

The story is basically boy meets girl, boy happens to be very rich and and hot, Oh and boy just happens to be in to S&M and likes to dominate and humiliate you know just your average love story and of course girl just happened to be a virgin but wanted this so bad! And is constantly on about her "inner Goddess"! I want to slap her inner bloody goddess, I mean come on!

This is not a great book but it keeps you reading and lets face it whoever is doing her PR, genious!

And as for all those out there that go on about it not being true reflection of s& m well come on let's think about s&m or sex for that matter is not a prescribed action,it's not something that you do with an instruction manual do A and then B and c will happen! its whatever floats your boat and if this is the type of sex that Ms. E.L James gets her rocks off about then who are we to judge!

No one is saying this is a literary masterpiece and its not exactly well written but its a bit of fun! no one is forcing you to read it so get off your high horse and take it for what it is!

As for me I intend to read the other 2 books in the series, just out of curiosity and for research purposes of course!

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