Friday, 13 July 2012

Magic Mike

Ah Magic Mike .......Where do I start...... Well first of all with an honest admission actually, I had absolutely no real idea what this film was about! I saw a few trailers and well, basically Channing Tatum was shirtless! as was Joe Manganiello! what can I say, I can be shallow!

I thought it was probably going to be some average rom com with a lot of eye candy for the was at times an edgy gritty portrayal of a lifestyle centring around a man who wanted more and saw stripping as a means to an end.

Channing Tatum stars in the title role as Magic Mike , entrepreneur, dancer, jack of all trades in order to save enough to make his love for custom made furniture a viable business and stripping is well and truly helping him on his way until he meets the young Adam played by Alex Pettyfer and he takes him under his wing unfortunately Adam is drawn into the seedier side of the club and lifestyle and is soon knee deep in drugs, alcohol and casual sex much to the disapproval of his sister Brooke played by Cody Horn.

The film of course focuses on the strippers and the dance routines for the thrill of the women in the club and Channing Tatum can really move! but its not just that, its so much more.

Matthew McConaughey plays the egotistical Dallas the owner of the club, there is something almost menacing about his character and McConaughey plays the role almost too well 

There is an obvious chemistry between Mike and Brooke, though this is isn't an average love story and its not until the very end that anything happens between them.

Directed by Steven Soderberg It was shot at times to give a feeling of reality, dim lighting , dialogue trailing off, scenes cut as they got perhaps too uncomfortable for its 15 rating, the stuff that indie films are made of if you like.

I have to say I took my 2 daughters one aged 15 one 18 and I have to say there were some scenes that I'm not sure I would have been comfortable with them seeing had I known before hand.

It wasn't the best film I have seen but it was highly entertaining and hey love it or hate it did I mention it has Channing Tatum shirtless!


  1. How dare they put Channing Tatum's head on images of my body without permission or, even worse, reimbursement. I'm calling my lawyer.

  2. Lol, I knew that was something not quite right! Your wife is a very lucky lady!


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