Monday, 30 July 2012

Farewell old friend

This morning one of my old friends sadly lost his battle with stomach cancer he was just a little younger than me and was a man who always had a smile on his face, always happy, the kind of person who would do anything for you, he will be sorely missed by all that were lucky enough to know him and I just want to share with the world a little story that will always make me smile.

He was known to many as 'trickle trickle' but I don't know how many people know why, well it was thanks to my then young sons and Halloween!
About 20 years ago I was taking my 2 little boys then aged about 6 and 4 out trick or treating and we stopped at a friends house where there were a number of people my friend Dave included playing cards they didn't really want to have their card game disturbed and quite happily gave my sons and their friends  5 and 10 pound notes quite a haul in those days! They got to Dave gave the cry of "Trick or Treat!" and Dave said "trickle trickle! What's all this trickle trickle?" to which everyone laughed and explained it was trick or treat! Originally from Africa Dave didn't really know about this Halloween tradition and whenever he saw my boys from that point he would always say "trickle trickle!" and in turn everyone started to call him trickle!

I will truly miss that smiling face but will always think of this story and smile.

Goodbye Trickle.

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