Tuesday, 11 September 2012

School uniform and dress codes

A friends daughter got sent home today because she was wearing false nails not long talon like ones that could be potential health and safety issue, no these were average length with a small design. In fact I don't know how they were even drawn to a teachers attention anyway it got me to thinking about the whole school uniform and dress code issue.

Now I agree with school uniform I think it's a great leveller, it stops kids thinking about what they're going to wear and as long as it isn't one of those ludicrously expensive ones from a school uniform shop (don't get me started there, that's a whole other issue) it saves us parents money but what I do have issue with is schools telling parents how their children can have their hair or makeup.

Please someone tell me how this affects their learning?

How differently is my child going to learn if they have blue streaks in their hair or have their ears pierced twice, seriously someone please tell me?

Shouldn't we  be allowing our children to express their individuality? within reason of course but surely that's a parents decision not a schools.

How do you feel about this issue?


  1. You make perfect sense and cite all the right things. Therefore, you will be ignored and resisted at every turn by the people in charge.


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