Monday, 7 May 2012

Busy doing nothing

I complain about it all the time, I have written blog posts about it, what am I talking about.... Time! That's what!

I am in a constant state of feeling like I don't have enough time to get things done but I also have crap time management skills or at least I think I do judging by how much I see other people manage to achieve with their time, that with the added combination of a mind like mine that has so much going on in it all the time, so many thoughts, so many ideas that I want to get round to and the end result is I never quite get it all done!

And now I have this in my head......

And of course on top of all that I have children one of whom is only 3, so a large part of my day is spent painting, being a pirate, a princess, a frog or what ever latest adventure we're on and of course they grow up so quickly that that precious time playing with them far outweighs any amount of time spent cleaning, writing, studying although they are all important to me too!

So what's a girl to do? How do people get everything done? I need someone to come in and organise my life, really I do! Or I need a team of help to do all the mundane things that really and I mean REALLY need doing!

So how do you manage 'It All!'?


  1. I have read that in Japan, where efficiency is practically the Holy Grail, some companies have soundproof rooms where you can go and scream at the top of your lungs or break dishes or throw darts at a picture of your boss. Then you come back out and go about your work and act like everything is normal.

    Maybe you need one of those rooms in your house.

    1. Thank you as always for making me smile and laugh! I SO need one of those rooms! I'm sure one of the children wouldn't mind moving out/sharing so I can have one.


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