Sunday, 18 August 2013

The wanderer returns! otherwise known as its actually quiet in my house for five minutes and I've been meaning to do this for months

Since last year when I decided to return to education my life has been unimaginably busy, in fact when I think about it I don't know how I've managed it so far, so pat on the back to me! but the one thing that suffered because my hectic lifestyle was my poor blog which not only I'm sure is sad for my tens of thousands of followers(well 10 in reality but you know no harm in wishful thinking) but its actually really sad for me.

I logged in this morning and saw that I haven't posted anything since the very beginning of the year and I feel like I should catch you all up but the reality is its been filled with work, college, study, placement, kids, writing many many assignments, trying to organise childcare and actually spend time with said children! not necessarily in that order!

But doing anything for me has come right at the bottom of that great big long list so on top of all of the above as I embark upon my 2nd year of my diploma I am going to try and get some me and my blog time, you may enjoy reading it or more likely no one else will read it unless they stumble across it searching for Jesse Williams(apparently its how most people come across my blog) in which case welcome and please do come back I am going to do my best to write more often and some may even be interesting and funny! you never know! but I'm doing it for me like I said when I first started it's a place to express all the mad ramblings and little bit of crazy that goes on in my head!

Oh and we have a new dog!

Got to throw in one random catch up thing haven't I?


  1. "Oh and we have a new dog!"????? (That should bring fodder for several posts right there.)

    I'll have you know I never searched for Jesse Williams in my life. I don't remember how we met, but it was a fortuitous day. (Hint to writers everywhere: Try to say "fortutitous" as often as possible.)

    Well, you can tell I'm giddy at learning that you have returned to Blogland after such a long absence. Thank you for leaving a comment on my current post as I had stopped checking for new posts from you a while back.

  2. It was indeed a very fortuitous day when we met, I think I feel ever so slightly relieved that it wasn't Jessie Williams that brought us together!

    I have missed our little chats and more importantly reading your post! x


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