Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year?

Happy New Year One and All! 

So come on then, Hands up, How many of you have made New years Resolutions? now, How many of you have already broken one? and be honest!

New Year is a time of fresh starts, new things, it feels like a chance to change and it is but lets face it some of the resolutions people make and say they will start on Jan 1st are a bit unrealistic, Food and alcohol are definitely the prime example! most of us still have loads of Christmas goodies and cheer left and lets face it you would have to have extraordinary will power not to succumb so why set yourself up to fail? if its about diet, say starting from the 7th! give yourself a fighting chance and with all other things make it achievable! give yourself that positive start then you're more likely to stick to it and change will happen!

As for me I am starting to eat healthier, no diets just some lifestyle changes, I intend to organise my time better, read more, do more for charity in a practical hands on way and keep on top of my course work! all very practical and a bit boring I know but hey everyone is different!

Oh and just thought of a few more... See more of my family and friends and do more things, like days out and the theatre and make more memories with my children! 

What about you, How many have you made and how many have you broken?     


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