Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Another one of those days

My post today is me having yet another rant, get all of this crap off my chest so I can hopefully move on with my day and make it better. I did try ranting and letting it all out to the dog but he just looked at me with that sideways kind of look probably thinking just feed me and walk me will you woman! so unfortunately for anyone reading this you're going to get it! don't blame me blame the dog!

So I woke up this morning to find that I hadn't been paid, always a good way to start the day so I now have to try and sort that out and just to make things worse I'm broke, flat broke, with bills to pay thanks to a great number of changes in my life all I have coming in is my income from part-time work and some benefits and today was supposed to be my final pay for my little but rewarding part time work and I now have to figure out and face the challenge and humiliation of signing on!

I have been desperately searching my a job that will fit round college, my placement and actually getting to see my little daughter but its nigh on impossible and apparently our present government though quick to blame the parents if a child turns out bad doesn't actually want us to raise our own children they would prefer a failing school system, after school clubs and child minders to do that and the bitter irony here is that my little part time work has been facilitating a parenting programme where many of the children are actually having issues from lack of quality time with their parents because in many cases parents have to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet and it is the poor children that get lost in the cracks!!! deep breath Emma! this seriously makes my blood boil not to mention the fact that I want to cry!

I have until late June before I finish my course and hopefully pass my exams and get my Diploma but apparently this government doesn't want you to better yourself and open yourself up to a higher paid job market, no it wants you to be available to work at all times in order to receive any benefits! where is the sense in that? quite frankly I really REALLY don't want to go and sign on but I have no choice if I want to feed my children so with heavy heart unless someone offers me a job that fits in around college I have to and this is making me thoroughly miserable.

We think society has evolved but the reality is it hasn't you cannot be a single parent and want to better yourself without something or more importantly someone suffering, now I'm not saying the benefits system should be easy and a free for all but if you are trying your hardest to make a better life for yourself and your family shouldn't that be encouraged and supported not made virtually impossible?

So on that note I feel a little better for getting it all off my chest and if anyone out there would like to offer my a job that supports my future I will happily turn my hand to almost anything!


  1. Well, of course I can't offer you a job, but I can commiserate with you as it seems your rant and feelings are fully justified today (except the poor doggie had nothing to do with it, LOL).

    Many here have the same feeling about the government wanting to run one's life from cradle to grave and being more of a hindrance than a help. Of course, many others just revel in the fact that Big Brother is watching after them and they are getting all sorts of freebies (at the expense of other taxpayers, I might add), but don't get me started too.

    Here's hoping you have a calm, peaceful day on the inside in spite of what may be happening on the outside. I checked out some of your older posts from your sidebar, and I think one of the causes of societal problems is mothers and daughters comparing their Hot Dudes, Hot Chicks, and Crushes You Ought Not To Have lists.

    Please! Is nothing sacred?

  2. lol, thank you for making me laugh. you mean that's not appropriate parenting! x


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