Monday, 26 August 2013

Life's a Beach

Today we headed to the beach for a little fun in the sun or to be more precise 23 of us headed to the beach to celebrate my beautiful niece turning 15.

As is usual with my lot we were fashionably late and the last ones to arrive but we got there just as the sea has reached high tide and with picturesque blue skies it was really something out of a summer beach movie until you throw a family picnic of 23 into the equation! I was worried that the beach might be busy and we might not spot everyone else.... oh foolish me! as we reached the top of the sand dune leading down to the beach how could I not spot them! normal families go to the beach and take up the space of say a picnic blanket and a few towels, mine took up what seemed like the whole beach!

It has been a fabulous day with many laughs, great food, wine, games and did I mention wine!

walking to the beach from the car one of daughter's was carrying 2 quite heavy bags so I said to her do you want me to take one of those to which one of my other daughters responded "no leave her she's working on her biceps" to which the daughter carrying the bags replied "eurgh why would I do that I can lift a goat!" errr what the ????? after I stopped laughing at her scale of judging strength and fitness I thought yes I suppose given that she's at college studying to work with animals it could make sense.

Later that same daughter was snapped in a photograph looking at her armpits when asked what on earth she was doing she said "checking my armpit hair on a scale of 1-French" (no offence is meant by that to any French readers trust me she couldn't or wouldn't offend anyone, well not on purpose at least!)

And no day at the beach would be complete with the obligatory digging of a hole now most kids start digging and pretty soon give up not our lot! theirs was over 4 feet deep, hit water and could fit 3 of them in before the cave-in incident which then turned the hole into lets see how many of us we can bury up to our necks and see if they can for all the family!

But as I sat there watching them and Laughing at these kids all playing together aged from 4 to 19 and all laughing and having fun I realsied that life might be a bit difficult at the moment and I might be struggling far more than I would like, actually who likes to struggle? but you know what I mean! anyway I realised I am blessed in so many ways!


  1. I was an only child and we lived a couple of thousand miles from the nearest relative, and also hundreds of miles from the nearest beach, so I cannot really identify with what you're saying. However, when I was 17 and my mother had died, my father remarried and I suddenly became the middle one of five kids, and my stepmother's NINE married brothers and sisters all lived within a few miles of our house and hardly a weekend went by that there weren't 20 or 30 of the 75 or so relatives together at somebody's house. It was a culture shock for me, believe you me. I am probably still scarred. These days, 23 people at a beach picnic wouldn't even make me look twice.

  2. Wow, now that is a big family! I hope it was a happy one! when I think about the size of the family any future grandchildren will be born in to it just astounds me I am only one of three but between us we have 16 children! Christmas is interesting to say the least!


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